ONTOFORCE  2023 BiotechX Unlocking novel therapeutic targets


Unlocking novel therapeutic targets: a synergy of cutting-edge science and data harmonization

BioTechX 2023 presentation

ONTOFORCE’s Vice President of Sales & Partnerships, Carl Latham, had the opportunity to present with James Longden, Head of Discovery Biology at e-therapeutics on driving data innovation to accelerate target identification during the 2023 BioTechX Europe conference in Basel.  

HepNet is e-therapeutics’s proprietary, hepatocyte-specific, computational biology platform that addresses key limitations of the biopharmaceutical industry, including extracting value from big data, addressing complex diseases, and improving translatability in R&D.   

HepNet™ is a combination of unstructured data, structured data (through the knowledge graph), and proprietary network analytics. HepNet™’s knowledge graph is built by leveraging ONTOFORCE’s DISQOVER.

_ONTOFORCE  HepNet a human machine interface for RNAi target discovery and ONTOFORCE DISQOVER platform

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