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  • Date: 23-05-2024
  • Time: 16:00 CET / 10:00 ET
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price: Free

Qualitative data for AI & ML:
insights from AstraZeneca, Elixir and ONTOFORCE

Join us for an engaging webinar on the significance of harmonized data in advancing AI and ML applications within life sciences. Hosted by industry experts from AstraZeneca, Elixir and ONTOFORCE, this thought leadership session promises to unveil the transformative power of clean data in driving innovation, enhancing predictive analytics, and informing critical decision-making processes.

The why and how of data quality in AI & ML. Lessons from AstraZeneca, Elixir and ONTOFORCE  Webinar  ONTOFORCE (1)


  • Learn more about the importance of managing high-quality core data assets, exploring the FAIR principles, and more, by ELIXIR.
  • Discover how knowledge graphs can facilitate seamless integration, analysis, and utilization of data for AI and ML-driven insights, by ONTOFORCE
  • Best practices from AstraZeneca in leveraging harmonized data for AI and predictive analytics
  • Q&A

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Fabio Liberante Elixir   ONTOFORCE

Fabio Liberante

Programme Manager Data & Interoperability Platforms 




Bérénice Wulbrecht - VP Solution Enablement ONTOFORCE

Bérénice Wulbrecht

VP Solution Enablement,

Mathew Woodwark Astra Zeneca ONTOFORCE

Mathew Woodwark

Head of Data Standards and Interoperability, R&D Data Office

Who should join?

Senior profiles in research and IT, along with others that are interested in advancing data, AI, and new technologies in life sciences organizations. 

  • Data scientists
  • Data managers
  • VP data and AI
  • Scientific researchers
  • Heads of research & development 
  • Director data strategy & governance
  • Bioinformaticians
  • Director data science
  • Industry leaders and decision-makers