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Increase early R&D success

- Optimized drug candidates

- Identify new targets

- Find new research insights

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Accelerate compound screening

- Reduce compound evaluation timelines

- Faster decision making

- Consolidate data across vendors


Optimize R&D efficiency

- Avoid critical mistakes

- Terminate “low success” projects earlier

- Break the “silo” between early R&D and clinical

paper risk

De-risk project evaluation

- Eliminate project duplication

- Reduce duplicative costs

- Understand the reason for decisions


Target Identification

With DISQOVER's Target Identification application, scientists can efficiently access the data they need to identify and validate targets faster and more accurately. Thanks to optimized data integration, siloed data is connected and linked within the single platform so scientists don't need to juggle accessing different sources.

What can be accomplished in DISQOVER?


  • Identify and validate potential targets.
  • Gather information, evidence, and supporting data to make new target identification reports faster.
  • Investigate the interactions between genes, proteins, and other molecules involved in specific pathways relevant to the disease of interest.
  • Explore genetic associations to identify genes that are linked to specific diseases or traits.

Key features

  • Integrated public and private data
  • Advanced filtering and search
  • Alerts if new results with same criteria appears
  • Export details and compare
  • ELN integration

Drug Screening

The screening process specifically focuses on collecting information on the desired properties of molecules that bind to a particular target via research and testing. DISQOVER's Drug Screening application simplifies the drug screening research processes by consolidating and linking all relevant information in a single platform.

What can be accomplished in DISQOVER?

  • Identify if similar compounds have already been tested and whether toxicities, adverse effects, etc. have been reported.
  • Search across bioassays (external and internal datasets) and compare results.
  • Analyze and Prioritize potential drug candidates based on various criteria.
  • Leverage integrated data, including activity data, toxicity profiles, and other relevant parameters, to rank and prioritize compounds for further investigation.


Key features

  • Advanced filtering and search
  • Integrated public and private data
  • Alerts if new results with same criteria appears
  • Export details and compare
  • Integrations with third-party chemistry plug-ins such as Chemaxon, ChemDraw, Chemantics to combine chemical structure and property searches​
  • ELN integration​

Lead Optimization

DISQOVER's Lead Optimization application offers efficient data exploration and search to help accelerate the process of refining and optimizing properties to enhance a drug candidate's efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetic properties.

What can be accomplished in DISQOVER?

  • Explore the relationship between chemical structures and biological activity to identify structural features that contribute to the activity or potency of lead compounds.
  • Browse pre-clinical safety data and evaluate pharmacokinetic properties of lead compounds and similar ones.
  • Gain insight into biomarkers associated with specific diseases, their correlation with molecular pathways, and how relevant they are for your research.

Key features

  • Advanced filtering and search
  • Integrated public and private data
  • Cross experimental evidences
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Target identification and validation

In this demo, see how DISQOVER is utilized for identifying and validating potential targets when looking into treatments for a specific disease.


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