Why DISQOVER for Clinical?


Increase clinical research success

- Optimize patient recruitment strategies
- Learn from historical trials

- Validate biomarker strategy

- Build virtual cohorts to validate hypotheses


Accelerate clinical development

- Reduce clinical trial planning time
- Facilitate faster decision-making
- Consolidate data across CROs


Optimize portfolio efficiency

- Terminate "low success" projects earlier
- Identify opportunities for drug repositioning and indication expansion
- Develop insights into patient outcomes


Mitigate risk for clinical trial planning

- Mitigate the risk of costly protocol amendments 
- Remove single points of failure

- Avoid the purchase of duplicate datasets

- Improve regulatory submissions


Clinical Trial Design

DISQOVER's Clinical Trial Design application supports clinical trial designers and other relevant profiles in accessing all the data needed for optimized decision making within clinical development. With the power of linked data, users can ensure their design decisions will drive trial efficiencies and success.

What can be accomplished in the Clinical Trial Design application?​

  • Understand historical design and protocols, including patient populations, outcomes, endpoints, biomarkers, inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  • Understand competition for patients based on recruiting trial.
  • Benchmark enrollment timelines based on historical site performance.
  • Estimate trial timelines based on historical site performance and patient accessibility.
  • Identify investigators with a proven track record for enrolling patients in trials.

Application key features

  • Advanced filtering and search
  • Visualize trends and enrollment timelines
  • Export clinical trial details and compare
  • Integrated public and private clinical trial data
  • NLP enriched patient population
  • NLP enriched biomarker data
  • Alerts if new results with same criteria appears

Clinical Insights

DISQOVER's Clinical Insights applications helps translational researchers and other profiles access the necessary data to support them in improving the efficacy and safety of treatments and generating repurposing opportunities. Easily examine clinical and associated data, identify biomarkers, analyze clinical trial outcomes, and more.

What can be accomplished in the Clinical Insights application?​

  • Investigate biomarker strategy.
  • Explore hypotheses on cohort selection, inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  • Identify relationships across studies to find new insights.
  • Confirm patient informed consent.
  • Search virtual cohort across study, available data assets to validate hypothesis (e.g., biomarker, adverse event, precision medicine...).

Key features

  • Advanced filtering and search
  • Linked data across study, across datasets, across CROs
  • NLP/text mining publications (biomarker)
  • NLP informed consent
  • Data exploration: adverse event, distribution, experimental data
  • Data permissions


Biomarker section

From the vast amount of data sources, it can be hard to identify biomarkers optimally. In this demo video learn how DISQOVER can help you and your team with your biomarker process. 


With DISQOVER's enhanced NLP Clinical Packs, users can extract valuable insights and knowledge from both structured and unstructured text data, including scientific literature, news articles, clinical trials, and more. 

Quickly find and analyze information about specific biological entities (such as diseases, genes, proteins, and more), populationsinterventions, and outcomes that are mentioned in large volumes of text data.

ONTOFORCE DISQOVER Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform image


Power up your clinical development with data-driven insights

With DISQOVER for Clinical, part of ONTOFORCE's intuitive knowledge discovery platform, users can leverage data and insights to drive efficient and effective clInical trial design and identify new portfolio opportunities. 

Disqover for Clinical


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