DISQOVER: connecting data silos with ease | Natalie Romanov, Data Strategist at Merck Darmstadt

Merck Group is maximizing the value of their vast datasets from across departments using DISQOVER. 

As Natalie Romanov, Data Strategist in the Clinical Biomarker Department at Merck Group explains, DISQOVER is unlocking the potential of Merck's internal data by connecting datasets from various locations in a single place. DISQOVER also provides a package of pre-linked public data that is integrated with the organization's internal data, taking data exploration at Merck to the next level. And thanks to the knowledge graph technology and an intuitive user-interface, onboarding colleagues to the platform is simple and easy so they can get straight to what matters most: exploring their data.

Merck is using DISQOVER  for better usage of their data ONTOFORCE

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