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Our ESG Statement

At ONTOFORCE, we are committed to contributing to a sustainable and responsible future. Our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy guides us to act responsibly across all of the activities we undertake. 

  • OUR PLANET - Reduce carbon emissions.

  • OUR PEOPLE - Create a diverse and stimulating place to work.

  • OUR WAY OF WORKING - Deliver transparent corporate governance for all stakeholders.

Our planet

ONTOFORCE recognizes the need to address climate change and the part we can play in making meaningful change towards more sustainability.

Therefore we are committed to work towards carbon neutrality. We are dedicated to minimizing our carbon footprint by:

  • Shifting our fleet towards fully electric.

  • Stimulating sustainable options for commuting and business travel.


Our people

We invest significantly in our people and their working environment by creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment and ensuring ongoing professional and personal development.

  • Diversity and Inclusion - We have a diverse team in place with 14 different nationalities. We are committed to continuing fostering this diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees are treated with respect and have equal opportunities for growth and development.

  • Employee Well-being - We prioritize the physical and mental health of our employees, offering flexible work arrangements with attention for wellbeing.

  • Offering continued professional development - We support our team with many types of training activities and professional development throughout their time with ONTOFORCE.

Our way of working

ONTOFORCE is committed to sustaining the structure, strategy and people we have in place in order to deliver effective, visible, and transparent corporate governance.

  • Data Privacy and Security - We place a high value on data privacy and security, ensuring that we handle data responsibly and are in compliance with relevant regulations to ensure the long-term stability and success of ONTOFORCE.

  • Stakeholder Engagement - We actively engage with relevant parties, including customers, employees, shareholders, and the wider community, bringing together a variety of perspectives to guide our decision-making processes.


ONTOFORCE Ecovadis Bronze medal

Our ESG Commitment, recognized by EcoVadis

We're proud to announce our above-average ranking in the bronze league through EcoVadis, a recognized industry standard.  We will proudly display our achievement as we continue to monitor and advance our sustainability efforts.

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