Why DISQOVER Cross-Functional Intelligence?


Enhance insights from your organization and the market​

- Stay up-to-date on competitors and new players

- Identify indication areas to invest in

- Benchmark innovation against competition

- Capitalize on internal knowledge


Accelerate decision making

- Identify licensing opportunities earlier and before competition

- More efficient due diligence thanks to linked commercial and scientific data


Optimize pipeline and portfolio​

- Support business development goals

- Identify potential acquisition targets

- Understand commercial potential of drug repurposing or indication expansion


Risk mitigation for strategic decisions

- Gather full overview of information to support decision-making

- Understand where key information is missing

- Align data from different sources and models for the most accurate view


Competitive Intelligence

DISQOVER's Competitive Intelligence application supports business development, competitive intelligence, and product teams with staying up-to-date on competitors, acquisition possibilities, market share, and more to ensure key opportunities aren’t missed.

What can be accomplished in the Competitive Intelligence application?


  • Stay abreast of your main competitors' activities, including insights on how they are advancing in certain therapeutic areas or with specific conditions.
  • Uncover licensing opportunities earlier and before competition.
  • Make data-driven, go/no-go decisions on projects thanks to complete information on the competitor landscape.
  • Search through vast amounts of market and trend data.
  • Understand disease trends in a particular region or country, the development of a therapeutic area, or more in-depth insights into clinical development.
  • Identify relevant external innovation opportunities and assemble and curate evidence faster for reporting purposes.

Key features

  • Advanced filtering and search
  • Tailored and dynamic dashboards for use cases, indications, or disease areas
  • Integrated licensed data with internal and public data
  • Alerts if new results with same criteria appears
  • NLP enriched patient population data
  • NLP enriched biomedical data
  • Document classifiers
DISQOVER's integrated and harmonized data outputs can easily be fed into AI/ML algorithms.​​

Internal Knowledge​​

Organizational data and subject matter experts are essential assets to facilitate knowledge sharing. With DISQOVER's Internal Knowledge application users can efficiently ​identify internal experts and access siloed information to uncover hidden insights and improve cross-functional collaboration.

What can be accomplished in the Internal Knowledge application?

  • Identify internal experts based on their specialty area and determine if they are suitable for specific projects.
  • Centralize information by integrating internal databases and document management systems and make this information searchable. 
  • Locate internal documents from different departments and break down data silos.
  • Connect and link related data together to uncover insights that would otherwise remain hidden.

Key features

  • Advanced filtering and search
  • Linked data across datasets and departments
  • Facilitate retrieval and access to internal knowledge
  • Data exploration 
  • Data permissions
  • NLP enriched biomedical data
DISQOVER's integrated and harmonized data outputs can easily be fed into AI/ML algorithms.​​

DISQOVER for Cross-Functional Intelligence and NLP

With DISQOVER's NLP functionality, users can extract valuable insights and knowledge from both structured and unstructured text data, including financial reports, market reports, and other intelligence documents. 

  • Efficiently identify diseases, targets, patient populations, or other biomedical entities being worked on by particular institutions or sponsors
  • Quickly find documents relevant to a specific research or interest area.

Key benefits of DISQOVER's NLP functionality:

  • Process private and public data with pre-configured yet adjustable annotators
  • One-stop-shop: one single solution for structured AND unstructured data
  • Modular and flexible: deploy NLP for a single use case or for multiple use cases at once
  • Expert team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, and bio-informaticians available to support with implementation and user roll-out
ONTOFORCE DISQOVER Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform image


Gain an edge with accurate competition insight and full internal knowledge access

With DISQOVER Cross-Functional Intelligence, part of ONTOFORCE's intuitive knowlege discovery platform, leverage data and knowledge to drive new opportunities. 

DISQOVER  Cross-Functional Intelligence


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