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  • Duration:39 min

How to locate matching experts in specific domains via study, projects, patents, and by experience

It is often difficult to find a domain expert if the search requires data from different disparate data sources, especially when seemingly disjoint data sources such as publications, patents, clinical trials or research projects are necessary to sketch an image of an individual. This webinar showcases how you can locate a relevant expert within a specific domain via DISQOVER. 

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What you will learn


Public data sources

How the integration of public data sources allows you to us semantically enriched links to find experts in life sciences.


Integrate internal and public data

Different search strategies to use public data only or in combination with an organization’s internal data will be explained.


Customizable dasboard

How to edit and create a custom dashboard.


FILIP PATTYN Scientific Advisor
Learn how DISQOVER can help you locate experts in specific domains via study, projects, patents, and by experience.
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