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  • Date: 27-09-2022
  • Price: Free
  • DURATION:53 min

How knowledge graphs accelerate drug discovery in biotechs

In this webinar, you'll hear from Paul Vauterin, the former CIO of Aelin Therapeutics, a biotech company leveraging targeted protein aggregation to develop an entirely new class of therapeutics aiming at hard-to-treat targets in cancer and infectious diseases. 

And also, James Longden, Head of Discovery Biology at E-therapeutics, a biotech company that integrates computational power and biology to discover life-transforming RNAi medicines. James is focused on big data biology and machine learning to predict systems-wide changes driving the disease.

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What you will learn

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Data delivers value in drug discovery

How data science and computational strategy can deliver value in drug discovery and development and pioneering an end-user approach E-therapeutics and Aelin will share how they are unlocking value.


Harmonizing siloed data

How ONTOFORCE’s DISQOVER knowledge management solution brings insights fast to accelerate R&D decision making. Harmonizing siloed, disparate data in a flexible, easy-to-use user interface brings results quickly and at scale.


Increasing data literacy

How barriers to data science adoption can be addressed and best practices for demonstrating the value to the end user.  Approaches to change management and measuring the impact of solutions.

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Enabling data for AI and machine learning

How harmonized data can unlock opportunities in AI and machine learning for drug discovery & development. A deep dive into the e-therapeutics approach of enabling data for AI, machine learning, and graph neural networks.


Knowledge graph for non-technical users

Knowledge graphs accelerate drug discovery – by harmonizing disparate, siloed data across biopharma companies. How DISQOVER helps to visualize the knowledge graph for non-technical users.


Paul Vauterin CIO
Bioinformatics and data science activities are crucial elements of the company's drug discovery and development platform
Paul Vauterin - CIO of Aelin Therapeutics-2-1
James Longden Head of Discovery Biology
We focus on how big data biology and the use of machine learning can predict systems-wide changes driving the disease
James Longden, Head of Discovery Biology at E-therapeutics 1

Who should join

  • Drug Discovery Professionals
  • VP and Head of Data Science
  • VP/Director of Biology
  • VP/Director of Research
  • Scientists & Biologists
  • Bioinformaticians
  • Medicinal Chemists
  • Pharmacologists

  • Data Scientists
  • Drug Discovery Professionals
  • Research & Development Professionals
  • AI / Machine Learning Professionals
  • CIO & CTO

We like an interactive audience, but if you want to watch it again later, you can. The webinar is recorded and then shared with all participants.

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