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  • Duration:35 min

DISQOVER for integrated omics data

Advanced data integration - the answer for an efficient omics data journey. During this session, we will demonstrate how an improved annotation of omics data and the enrichment with public and internal reference data helps to find a relevant subset faster and is a solution to avoid missing out. Performing omics experiments in high throughput has become a common technique in biomedical research.

The growing popularity has been instrumental in major breakthroughs but has some drawbacks too. Omics data often miss proper and consistent metadata and causes a strange paradox. Theres an abundance of omics data in the public domain or generated within organizations but in many cases, its difficult to find the subset you really need. 

The DISQOVER platform helps you to search, browse and filter the available data. In addition, when DISQOVER is embedded in a software ecosystem, search results can be used to link out to downstream applications where a (re-)analysis for the raw data is possible.

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What you will learn


Omics Data

Master the flood of information in healthcare and life sciences


Faster solution

Speed up the research and go-to-market of new tratments and products


Building connections

Homogenize link and reveal hidden correlations


FILIP PATTYN Scientific Advisor
Learn how to master the flood of information in healthcare and life sciences
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