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Multinational science and technology company is optimizing data management and accelerating timelines with DISQOVER


Life sciences


Number of employees
+ 50,000




Our customer is a multinational science and technology company that provides patients with innovative medicines and technologies within multiple therapeutic areas.

Use cases
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Bioassay
  • Biobanking
  • Clinical Trial Repository

The challenge

Prior to collaborating with ONTOFORCE, our customer was already working with a knowledge graph approach through a graph database (DB) and quickly realized the value of linked data.

While the graph DB approach is powerful at linking data, as a backend system, it is complicated in nature and does not have an intuitive user interface, making onboarding users very difficult. This presented a challenge as our customer wanted to ensure they utilize the best approach to make the vast quantities of their organizational data readily accessible, searchable, and usable by users.

The outcome 

After scanning the market and assessing various tools, ONTOFORCE’s DISQOVER platform stood out as the most suitable solution thanks to the linking and knowledge graph capabilities of the tool, alongside its customizable front-end user interface. Using DISQOVER has meant our customer can provide users with easy access to linked data via a dashboard and visualizations. DISOQVER has even enhanced the completeness of the data being used due to the numerous public data sources that are pre-ingested into the tool, which can be linked alongside the customer’s internal data and third-party licensed data.


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DISQOVER simplifies data exchange

Using DISQOVER has encouraged our customer to look more intensively into the ontology space and establish clear concepts and identifiers that can be used uniformly across the business, helping to ensure that everyone is following the same data structure, making data exchange much simpler.

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DISQOVER API enables flexibility

DISQOVER’s API approach is hugely beneficial to users as it offers greater flexibility in how to use and access the data, which is preferential to different user groups, especially for our customer’s data scientists who have built their own interfaces to view raw data in their preferred formats.

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Competitive intel with DISQOVER

DISQOVER’s Competitive Intelligence interface allows non-data scientist users and executives to better understand the entire pharma value chain. By proving insights into external activities (target selection, pathways, clinical studies, etc.), teams are fully grasping both the competitive and innovation landscapes on an ongoing basis.

For this customer, the customized DISQOVER platform is not only a key part of their data landscape, it’s also a key part of how they bring knowledge into their R&D organization, so users can connect the dots to fast-track scientific discovery.

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