DISQOVER: connecting data for a single source of truth | Daryna Smyrnova, IT Lead at UCB

Hear from Daryna Smyrnova, IT Lead at UCB. UCB has been using DISQOVER for over two years to connect and link data sources, and visualize data insights in a user-friendly manner via intuitive dashboards.

DISQOVER was originally implemented at UCB to support users who were struggling to search across various data sources while juggling too many data platforms. On top of enjoying one harmonized platform optimized for search, the UCB teams are also now able to establish a single source of truth and easily replicate their searches.

Daryna suggests that organizations try out a proof of concept with DISQOVER and benefit from collaborating with ONTOFORCE's Solution Delivery team, as they offer expert advice and insight into establishing a strong knowledge platform solution organization-wide.

UCB is using DISQOVER  for better usage of their data ONTOFORCE

About UCB

UCB consistently delivers on its commitment to improving the lives of people living with severe neurological and immunological conditions, with a total revenue of €5.8 billion in 2021. This success is driven by the efforts of its approximately 8,600 employees worldwide, who have been committed to the company's purpose since 1928. Through biopharmaceutical research and leading innovations, UCB strives to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those it serves.

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