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Maximizing the power of ELN data for enhanced knowledge discovery

Are you looking for one platform that can integrate your ELN data with private and public data in one easy-to-use interface? Look no further.

DISQOVER is your solution, crafted for the pharmaceutical industry, our solution offers a streamlined method to connect and display data from various electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) such as Benchling, LabArchives, LabGuru, and SciNote, as well as other sources. This singular platform provides effortless access to a cohesive dashboard, greatly facilitating the drug discovery journey.

Endorsed by giants like AstraZeneca, Merck, Johnson & Johnson and BMS, DISQOVER leverages advanced knowledge graph and semantic technologies to unite disparate data streams. This powerful integration capability transforms the way organizations access, visualize, and analyze their data, propelling them from mere data collection to the extraction of actionable insights and accelerating the pace of innovation in drug development.

DISQOVER integrates ELN data

Benefits of ELN integration in DISQOVER

  • Streamlined data integration: link the contents of your ELN platform to other data sources to derive hidden insights.
  • Centralized data access: access and analyze all data from a single platform, reducing the need to switch between multiple systems and tools.
  • Improve data analysis and visualization: easily aggregate, visualize, and analyze ELN contents in combination with other data to identify trends, patterns, and outliers in the data. 
  • Efficient data management: streamline workflows and remove manual processes.
  • Enhanced knowledge discovery: connecting ELNs to external databases, literature, and other research outputs can enhance knowledge discovery, helping to identify new research opportunities.

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How DISQOVER works

DISQOVER uses the powerful concept of an ontology-based knowledge graph to integrate, link, and structure data.

Combined with AI-based semantic search and natural language processing,  siloed data sources are turned into a single, uniform, and high-quality knowledge base.

Thanks to a powerful and easy-to-use interface, scientific researchers become true data citizens.

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  • Simple and secure integration of siloed data
  • Build a scalable enterprise-linked data ecosystem
  • Semantic search
  • Follow, save, and rerun data links
  • Complex queries made easy
  • Cross-functional collaboration

Information security

  • Information security by design
  • Advanced authentication and authorization
  • Embedded data quality control


  • Semantic integration, knowledge graphs, and NLP
  • Ultra-fast response
  • Data ingestion engine
  • Integrating public data
  • Advanced deployment model
  • Interoperability

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