Simple and Secure Integration of Siloed Data

Use our DISQOVER data ingestion engine to deduplicate, merge and link your siloed data sources, including third-party and public data sources, while retaining data provenance and traceability.

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Build a Scalable Enterprise Linked Data Ecosystem

Enjoy the benefits of FAIR data, facilitating interoperability and connectivity with other applications. The DISQOVER open plug-in architecture allows you to seamlessly connect specialized artificial intelligence (AI) services to annotated, standardized and structured data.

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Semantic Search at Work

Find the most relevant data faster, smarter, and simpler. With DISQOVER, you can provide context to a text search, narrow down your search results with dynamic filters, and leverage the power of linked data across different data sources to gain new insights.

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Follow, Save and Rerun Data Links

Leverage the power of linked data. Utilize the potential of the existing and newly derived filters to refine your search results. Combine different filters to find detailed answers to complex questions.

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Complex Queries Made Easy

Solve complex use cases over many heterogeneous data sources with our simple, intuitive, and customizable dashboards. Filter results in real-time and visualize the data using responsive and interconnected charts.

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 Collaborate with others

Work efficiently in a way that suits you. Save searches and templates for future use, rerun queries with different inputs, and download the results in standard open-file formats. Share your searches, reports, and dashboards with other users and explore the insights together.

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