Semantic integration & knowledge graphs

DISQOVER uses the powerful concept of a knowledge graph to integrate, link, and structure data. Combined with semantic search, this allows you to turn your siloed data sources into a single, uniform and high-quality knowledge base.

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Interactive data exploration is key to knowledge discovery. It encourages you to drill down and navigate deep into your data.  DISQOVER uses innovative technology to deliver all query and analytics results in near-real time.

For example, if you are looking for articles on ALS, you choose the “Publication” context, whereas the “Clinical Study” context is more relevant to a patient looking for potential treatments.

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Data Ingestion Engine

DISQOVER is equipped with a powerful and ultra-fast data ingestion engine. As a data scientist you can import, manipulate, link, and integrate your own data into DISQOVER, using an innovative visual pipeline environment.

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Integrating public data via federation

With DISQOVER’s federated search technology, you can benefit from a single, unified data exploration environment that integrates your own data with the widest possible range of public databases.


Advanced deployment model

The DISQOVER platform uses a secure and flexible deployment model and relies on state-of-the-art technology to ensure a seamless integration with your existing IT environment.

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The DISQOVER platform embraces an open architecture for data as well as functionality, and is designed to be deeply integrated in a rich and complex enterprise IT solutions ecosystem

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