Transforming Merck's data culture: leveraging ONTOFORCE's DISQOVER for unified data access 


Markus Hartman

Global Product Lead Data Semantics at Merck

About Merck KGaA

Merck empowers the scientific community by providing solutions to today's toughest challenges and creating sustainable ways to live through personalized treatments, tools, and digital platforms. Additionally, the company is at the forefront of digital living by using innovative technology to change the way we access, store, process, and display information.

Merck is using DISQOVER  for better usage of their data ONTOFORCE

use case

Successful competitive intelligence

Hear from Markus Hartman, Global Product Lead Data Semantics at Merck, on how the company's adoption of ONTOFORCE's DISQOVER platform has marked a significant advancement in their data management and competitive intelligence strategies. This advancement has enabled Merck to effectively centralize and integrate a wide array of internal and external data sources. The result is a substantial enhancement in Merck's ability to explore and utilize data, fostering more informed decision-making and advancing their strategic data initiatives.

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