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9 strategies for building, scaling, and maintaining your knowledge graph

In this whitepaper, we explore the power of a knowledge graph in managing data for life sciences organizations and provide explicit strategies for building, scaling, and maintaining a knowledge graph.

Knowledge graphs have become an essential technology to help life sciences organizations in tackling their vast amounts of siloed data.

However, knowledge graph present the own set of challenges: difficult data integration, data licensing and update issues, semantic inconsistencies, juggling scalability, and so on. Learn more about how to tackle these challenges and receive tangible tips for building, scaling, and maintaining a knowledge graph in this whitepaper. 

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What you will learn


Tips for building an accurate and precise knowledge graph

The construction of a knowledge graph demands precision and organization techniques - get the tips you need to nail this crucial step.

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Insight on how to effectively and efficiently scale your knowledge graph

As the graph scales, it must accommodate an ever-growing influx of data, necessitating robust infrastructure to ensure seamless performance and accessibility.


Strategies for maintaining a robust and reliable knowledge graph with many data sources

Maintenance of the graph is then a continuous process, involving regular updates and quality checks - learn how to manage this ongoing step effectively.

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