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Revolutionizing clinical development: driving efficiencies through knowledge graphs and NLP

In this whitepaper, our exploration is centered on NLP and knowledge graphs and how their combined prowess can streamline clinical trial design to potentially expedite the drug development timeline.  

When it comes to driving smarter decision-making for accelerated timelines in the clinical phase, an organization needs to connect the dots between the vast amounts of data sources that exist across their business.  

Here is where the transformative potentials of knowledge graphs and NLP come into play.

Knowledge graphs provide an innovative solution to map the intricate web of clinical trial data. Visualizing and reasoning on this interconnected framework allows for a clearer understanding of the multifaceted relationships inherent in clinical trial data. Complementing this, NLP serves as a bridge, converting vast repositories of unstructured textual data into structured, actionable insights. Together, they present a potent toolkit, promising to revolutionize the way clinical trials are designed.

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What you will learn


How leveraging NLP and knowledge graphs together drives clinical success


Precise steps for utilizing NLP and knowledge graphs in tandem



case study

Practical case studies that demonstrate the value of these technologies

ONTOFORCE whitepaper  Revolutionizing clinical development driving efficiencies through knowledge graphs and NLP

An added value for ...

  • VPs/heads of data science
  • VPs/directors of clinical
  • VPs/directors of research

  • Clinical trial managers
  • Clinical researchers
  • Data scientists
  • Clinical data managers
  • Biomarker data scientists
  • Data analysts

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