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Linking data to unlock insights: leveraging semantic technology, knowledge graphs, ontologies, and more



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 Knowledge graphs, semantic technology, large language models, and more

Join us for an enlightening webinar as we explore the transformative potential of semantic technology and knowledge graphs in navigating the ever-expanding world of data. Discover how these advanced technologies unlock the value hidden within data, drive innovation, and empower decision-making across various industries, with a special focus on life sciences.

Key topics include:

  • Introduction to semantic technology: Learn about the fundamentals of semantic web technologies, how they organize data contextually, and their role in creating meaningful connections. 
  • The magic of knowledge graphs: Explore the concept of knowledge graphs - dynamic, interconnected networks of data that enable a deeper understanding of complex relationships. 
  • Linking knowledge graphs with large language models (LLMs): Discover the synergy between semantic technology and large language models, and how they complement each other in processing and interpreting vast amounts of information. 
  • Life sciences use cases: Learn about real-world examples of how semantic technology and knowledge graphs have revolutionized data analysis, drug discovery, genomics research, and personalized medicine in the life sciences industry. 
Linking data to unlock insights leveraging semantic technology, knowledge graphs, ontologies, and more    2023 ONTOFORCE DISQOVER

What you will learn


Introduction to semantic technology

Gain a high-level understanding of semantic technology and knowledge graphs' role in handling complex data. 


Language models and semantic interplay

Explore the interplay between large language models and semantic technology for comprehensive data analysis.


Real-world applications in life sciences

Discover the impact of semantic technology in life sciences through real-life use cases.


Expert Q&A session

Engage in a Q&A session with experts to ask questions about semantic technology and its potential for your organization.


Martin Robbins Head of Product
Is the full potential of your data unlocked? Join us to learn how semantic technology and knowledge graphs turn data into insights, lighting the way for innovation in life sciences.
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Who should  join

  • Data scientists
  • Data wranglers
  • Scientific researchers
  • Heads of research
  • Bioinformaticians
  • Heads of IT and more...