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  • DURATION:33 min

How to accelerate biomarker identification with DISQOVER

DISQOVER by ONTOFORCE is an integrated platform which allows end users to search linked data from public, private and proprietary sources to promote cross-functional collaboration in the search for new treatments and advancements. Uncover how you can accelerate biomarker identification by using DISQOVER in this short webinar.

Explore how to expedite biomarker identification in our on-demand webinar. Learn to navigate multiple databases and sources efficiently through a unified interface, significantly speeding up the process. This webinar is essential for staying ahead in the market. Watch now to enhance your research capabilities.

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What you will learn


Connecting data

Search multiple databases, sources and silos – even across therapeutic areas – for potential biomarkers, all via a single platform.


User interface

Benefit from a consistent and intuitive user interface that harmonizes search results and makes results curation easier than ever.

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Process accelerator

Speed up the identification process and be the first to the market.


FILIP PATTYN Scientific Advisor
How to deal with the complexity of all the data available and correctly identify a biomarker
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