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Pre-clinical use cases

 DISQOVER can assist the researcher's journey by visualizing drug candidate potentials across multiple facets. All scientific knowledge, ELN information, and related data are consolidated and available within the dashboard, supporting insights and decisions for efficacy, formulation, route, exposure, and biomarker identification up to the intended clinical design.


The importance of biomarker selection in healthcare

Biomarkers have repeatedly demonstrated their value in healthcare product development over the last decades. From early preclinical development to post-marketing studies, biomarkers significantly increase the success rates of clinical evaluations by up to 20%, reducing the main cost per patient and facilitating regulatory approval. In this whitepaper, learn more about biomarkers' necessity in pharmacological and medical product development, the processes for biomarker selection and identification, and how to overcome some of the major challenges associated with these activities.

Whitepaper | The importance of biomarker selection in healthcare

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