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Reimagining clinical trial design: natural language processing & large language models as game changers | [On-demand] Webinar

How to leverage ChatGPT and NLP and text mining capabilities in combination with knowledge graphs. 

Leading, global pharmaceutical company is generating new insights and uncovering new research directions with DISQOVER | Case Study

Our customer is a leading, global pharmaceutical company that is committed to delivering innovative medicines to improve patient outcomes. They are heavily focused on oncology.

Optimize your multi-omics research: data management challenges and best practices | [On-demand] Webinar

Omics data are an important resource for biopharmaceutical companies. Join ONTOFORCE,  and ZS Associates, as we detail how you can optimize your multi-omics research.

DISQOVER: connecting data silos with ease | Natalie Romanov, Data Strategist at Merck Darmstadt | Video

Merck Group is maximizing the value of their vast datasets from across departments using DISQOVER. 

Multinational science and technology company is optimizing data management and accelerating timelines with DISQOVER | Case Study

Our customer is a multinational science and technology company that provides patients with innovative medicines and technologies within multiple therapeutic areas.

How are data-centric approaches transforming the life sciences industry? | Video

This panel discussion from BioTechX 2022 with experts from Janssen, Roche, UK Biobank, and Novo Nordisk covers data-centric approaches.

How knowledge graphs accelerate drug discovery in biotechs | [On-demand] Webinar

In this webinar, you'll hear from Paul Vauterin CIO of Aelin Therapeutics and James Longden, Head of Discovery Biology at E-therapeutics.

DISQOVER: connecting data for a single source of truth | Daryna Smyrnova, IT Lead at UCB | Video

Hear from Daryna Smyrnova, IT Lead at UCB. UCB has been using DISQOVER for over two years to connect and link data sources, and visualize data insights in a user-friendly manner via intuitive dashboards.

The importance of biomarker selection in healthcare | Whitepaper

How biomarkers serve drug development decisions in pharmacological and medical product development.

Pharmaceutical company is reducing the time spent on data curation by 50% with DISQOVER | Case Study

Our customer is an American pharmaceutical company focused on developing treatments and technologies for rare diseases and conditions.

How AstraZeneca and BMS streamline clinical research with DISQOVER | [On-demand] Webinar

Evaluating clinical trials can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Learn from industry experts how this process can be streamlined.

FAIR data transforming the life sciences industry | Whitepaper

Drive business growth and accelerate digital transformation by applying FAIR principles.

How to locate matching experts in specific domains via study, projects, patents, and by experience | [On-demand] Webinar

How to locate matching experts in specific domains via study, projects, patents, and by experience?

IDMP Readiness: how pharma are navigating the complexities and realizing value | [On-demand] Webinar

Pioneering their way on how to comply most efficiently, Merck will share a sneak peek into their strategy to meet IDMP standards. 

DISQOVER translates crucial trends, markets and competition into insights

How having access to the right market and competitive data helps win the race.

Data-driven clinical trial feasibility & study design | Whitepaper

How a new approach to data management can boost efficiency and lead to better decision-making in drug development.

DISQOVER for integrated omics data | [On-demand] Webinar

Advanced data integration - the answer for an efficient omics data journey.

DISQOVER for IDMP compliance

Discover our in-depth resources on how to comply with EMA's IDMP regulations.

From big data to smart knowledge | Whitepaper

Explore the new era of life science data research and overcome challenges in data-driven decision-making.

DISQOVER for the identification of biomarkers

Quickly gain insight into biomarkers associated with specific diseases, their correlation with molecular pathways, and how relevant they are for you. 

Data-driven efficiencies in clinical studies driven by DISQOVER Knowledge Platform | [On-demand] Webinar

Learn how the right clinical data empowers your organization to drive innovation and speed up cycle times.

DISQOVER: easy to use for data analysis | Karolis Cramers, FAIR Data Analyst at LUMC | Video

Thanks to DISQOVER's customizable user interface, the platform is able to be tailored to each user group at LUMC, making it more impactful for both users and data providers when compared to previous tools.

DISQOVER for determining relevant clinical data sets

Accessing the correct information is key in clinical development: from trial design hypothesis validation to portfolio management. 

Checklist for a solid and future-proof IDMP strategy | Onepager

Learn how to have easier and faster access to the correct data to make your IDMP submission.

DISQOVER for recruitment rate investigation

For viable clinical trials, finding the right people to participate in testing a new drug or treatment is crucial. 

DISQOVER for Integrated Omics Data

Improve annotation of omics data by advanced data integration for an efficient omics data journey.

DISQOVER for identifying clinical trial opportunities

Clinical study design and clinical trials are all about spotting the right opportunities at the right time.

DISQOVER for chemistry search | [On-demand] Webinar

How to create an integrated chemical research workflow.

DISQOVER for chemistry and early drug discovery

Facilitate compound and molecule property research in early drug discovery with semantic search.

DISQOVER for new target identification

With DISQOVER, we have created a solution that can identify potential new targets for disease treatment.

DISQOVER for literature search and review

Find, assemble, and curate evidence faster enhance productivity and get a leg up on your competition.

DISQOVER for key opinion leader identification

Learn how DISQOVER locates subject matter experts and key opinion leaders to involve in research studies and clinical trials.

How to tap into the potential of data | [On-demand] Webinar

Powered by an intuitive user interface, DISQOVER lets you explore data from disparate sources to uncover new insights in a matter of minutes.

How to link your biobank & health record system with public data | [On-demand] Webinar

Learn how to unify patient-related data and prepare it for linking with public data sources.

How to accelerate biomarker identification with DISQOVER | [On-demand] Webinar

Learn how to speed up the identification process and be the first to the market.

DISQOVER for clinical competitive landscaping | [On-demand] Webinar

Being able to stay tuned about what’s happening in clinical trials is important in decision-making. Learn how.