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ONTOFORCE reshapes its flagship product DISQOVER into a solution suite to drive further value for life sciences clients

The updated DISQOVER suite encompasses four solution areas that support users across all stages of the drug development lifecycle.

4 October 3 minutes

Ghent, Belgium - 4 October 2023 

ONTOFORCE is elevating its flagship product DISQOVER, a leading knowledge discovery platform for the life sciences industry, into a solution suite. This transition brings even more value for DISQOVER’s life sciences and pharmaceutical users. The updated DISQOVER suite encompasses four solution areas that support users across all stages of the drug development lifecycle with targeted, tailored data applications and use cases. 

ONTOFORCE is a software company specializing in semantic search technology and knowledge graph solutions serving life sciences clients across Europe and North America. ONTOFORCE's DISQOVER is a platform that enables data scientists and researchers to quickly and easily search, aggregate, and analyze vast amounts of scientific and biomedical data from private, public, and licensed data sources. DISQOVER provides a unique, user-friendly interface that allows users to visualize relationships between data, identify patterns and insights, and collaborate with peers.  

DISQOVER’s suite formation consists of four solutions in total. Three of the solutions align with consecutive stages of drug development: DISQOVER for R&D, DISQOVER for Clinical, and DISQOVER for Regulatory. While the fourth solution, DISQOVER Cross-Functional Intelligence, spans across all phases of the drug development cycle, delivering added value at every stage. Out of a catalog of numerous preprocessed public data sources, each DISQOVER solution offers users a relevant set of complementary public data sources.  

This suite approach is modular in nature, enabling ONTOFORCE clients to easily scale their DISQOVER installations faster and with lower operating costs than when compared to implementing a new tool or software from a different vendor.  This scalable suite design allows users to start with one application area and add more as needed without additional implementation work, ensuring that ONTOFORCE’s clients can take full advantage of DISQOVER’s technology and their investment in this innovative enterprise-grade solution.  

With the rising adoption of AI and machine learning in the life sciences industry, ONTOFORCE has committed to further growing how DISQOVER can be utilized in tandem with these technologies. Currently, DISQOVER offers natural language processing (NLP) capabilities for unstructured text data and APIs enable customers to utilize the solution’s outputs for advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning.  

“Having access to relevant, high-quality data is of major strategic importance for life sciences organizations,” says Valerie Morel, ONTOFORCE Chief Executive Officer. “In line with our mission to accelerate drug development for improved patient outcomes by championing the power of data, we are focusing even further on users and in turn enabling them to have better and faster access to the precise data they need. We have been listening closely to our customers and are making sure that DISQOVER continues to play a central role in increasing the value they get out of their data, along with enabling accelerated decision making.” 

ONTOFORCE is showcasing the DISQOVER suite at BioTechX Europe 2023 in Basel. This premier event is one of the world’s largest biotechnology congresses and provides the perfect opportunity to showcase DISQOVER’s newest advancements and latest capabilities, including NLP, to business leaders in the field. Those attending the event can visit ONTOFORCE and its experts at booth 809 for an in-person demo of DISQOVER. 

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