DISQOVER  for new target identification
DISQOVER for new target identification

Identifying potential new targets for disease treatment is a top priority in life sciences: not only does it provide valuable insights, it’s also key to getting an early-mover advantage over competitors. By integrating information from internal, public and third-party sources in a highly efficient manner, DISQOVER greatly speeds up this process.

Challenges in new target identification

Identifying new targets typically involves carefully scrutinizing large volumes of information from various sources to look for biological evidence, including reports from previous drug tests that target specific genes, publications, grants and much more. The process for identifying a new target is time consuming and very costly. Typically, creating just one report involves a multidisciplinary team poring over data from 20 to 40 sources.

New Target Identifecation

A touch of DISQOVER

By gathering these fragmented sources – internal, public, and third-party – into a holistic, easily searchable interface, DISQOVER makes finding the right knowledge, evidence and supporting data significantly more efficient. As a result, researchers spend less time searching, and organizations can identify new targets more quickly and with greater accuracy – giving them a crucial competitive edge.

Advantages of DISQOVER for new target identification

  • Search third-party, internal and public data sources for biological evidence, drug test results, publications, grants and more – all via a single location.
  • Easily gather information, evidence and supporting data and make highly accurate new target identification reports faster.
  • Accelerate the identification process and get a head start over your competition.

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