DISQOVER for literature search and review
DISQOVER for literature search and review

Sifting existing literature for evidence relating to a research topic is a core element of clinical and life sciences research. With DISQOVER's unique features, finding, assembling and curating that evidence become a lot less time consuming – enhancing productivity and giving you a leg up on your competition.

Challenges that all researchers face

Taking inventory of all previously published knowledge on a specific topic is a daunting and time-consuming task for researchers. Evidence is often scattered across sources, and multiple searches across different platforms are often required to dig up all the necessary evidence. This added complexity forces the researcher to perform careful manual curation and review to avoid duplicative results – costing organizations months of time and thousands of dollars per review.

DISQOVER for literature search and review

A touch of DISQOVER

There’s a better way. DISQOVER integrates numerous publication sources into one consistent and intuitive interface. Literature search results are harmonized into a common data model, significantly reducing the risk of duplicates and enhancing data curation. As a result, researchers can get the comprehensive results and the evidence they need faster, accelerating research.

Advantages of DISQOVER for literature search

  • Scan numerous publications simultaneously for literature and evidence relevant to your case.
  • Rely on a consistent and intuitive user interface that harmonizes search results and makes information curation easier than ever.
  • Speed up the research process, boost productivity and lower costs while accelerating time to value.

Go hands on with the DISQOVER Community Edition to search, explore and visualize data from a variety of public sources for free, or get in touch with our team to schedule a personalized demo.