DISQOVER  for biomarker identification
DISQOVER for biomarker identification

The vast number of potential biological signals to assay makes biomarker identification a challenging task. DISQOVER empowers users to plow through numerous sources in an efficient way, speeding up the process and providing important competitive advantages.

Challenges in biomarker identification

Biomarker-guided clinical trial design enables researchers to target those patient populations that are most likely to respond favorably to certain therapies. However, due to the enormous quantity of potential biological signals, identifying optimally predictive biomarkers is a challenge in and of itself, and requires intensive examination of numerous sources.

A touch of DISQOVER

Because DISQOVER enables semantic search covering a variety of databases, information sources and silos via a single platform, translational scientists can identify the right biomarkers faster than ever. This, in turn, can lead to first-to-market and other competitive advantages, as well as enhanced decision-making.

Advantages of DISQOVER for biomarker identification

  • Search multiple databases, sources and silos – even across therapeutic areas – for potential biomarkers, all via a single platform.
  • Benefit from a consistent and intuitive user interface that harmonizes search results and makes results curation easier than ever.
  • Speed up the identification process and be the first to the market.

Go hands on with the DISQOVER Community Edition to search, explore and visualize data from a variety of public sources for free, or get in touch with our team to schedule a personalized demo.