The importance of finding Key opinion leaders

Engaging with experts in the field, better known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), is essential for health care development.

These influencers are often found in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. As such, they have a significant effect on the decisions made by doctors, patients, and other stakeholders.

Companies can identify KOLs relevant to their niche and then work with them to engage in mutually beneficial agreements. This article will provide some pointers on finding, managing, and working with KOLs in the domain of biomarkers using DISQOVER.


Identification of KOLs


DISQOVER structures all information related to biomarkers in a central point, including publications related to biomarker research. From review articles to preclinical evaluations and clinical trials. All authors listed on these publications and their affiliations are also organized on the platform.

This allows insights into

•  The experts who studied specific biomarkers in specific disease areas.

•  The expertise, as assessed by the number and type of publications authored.

•  The affiliations of experts and thus their associated institutions.

This way, DISQOVER supports scientists, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies to identify potential KOLs that can advise on biomarker use in life science research.


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Using biomarkers in life science research shortens clinical trial duration, allows for the selection of patient populations that are more likely to benefit from treatments, and typically simplifies assessment of the outcomes, as biomarkers are often easier measured than actual changes in the disease course