Release Notes DISQOVER 6.11

Release Notes DISQOVER 6.11

17 May 2021 | version 6.11

This document contains the release notes of the DISQOVER version 6.11 and instructions to upgrade. Please make sure you have read these before updating or installing this new release.

1 Introduction

The strategic vision for DISQOVER 6.11 product development focuses on easy and intelligent searches and clinical study use-case.

Superior UI/UX is key to DISQOVER. We aim to provide easy and intelligent search functionality for the most challenging search queries focusing on obtaining instant results.

By providing a high focus on clinical study use cases, DISQOVER facilitates improving one of the most frequent end-user journeys in clinical development. Within those user journeys, data provenance is vital. A more fine-grained provenance integration will contribute to the user’s expectations, clearly displaying which information is proprietary, public and from which data source exactly.

Improving the ingestion and manipulation of hierarchical data will increase data ingestion flexibility and visualization options for hierarchical information, improving the user experience for graphical representations and filtering on such attributes.

New features:

  • The bar chart visualization can be further configured as a horizontal bar.
  • The possibility to use tracking or analytics scripts:
    • Opt-in functionality that can be configured from the admin console
    • A cookie banner enables users to choose whether to accept cookies
  • Better data provenance control using the following options:
    • Showing data provenance in the pipeline introspection tool.
    • Enabling/disabling of the in-house logo for local data to better reflect proprietary data.
  • The user management is more user friendly with new features:
    • Easy user group tracking with new default groups complying with the license.
    • Notifications when the number of licensed users has exceeded.
    • The addition of a new default user group with Remote Data Subscription (RDS) permissions.
  • Better ingestion of hierarchical data with the following features:
    • A new pipeline component creates a new type of tree predicate, transferable across Remote Data Subscription (RDS) pipelines and speeding up data publishing.


  • Improved query parsing, the search bar now better handles escaped quotes, wildcards, nested parentheses, etc.
  • Increased fine-grained provenance creates higher data origin accuracy.
  • Better error handling for watched dashboards.

2 Key features

2.1 Horizontal Bar Charts

DISQOVER already has a vertical bar chart that displays the count (number of instances) in relation to the chosen category horizontally. The bar chart visualization can now be configured with horizontal bars to fit specific use cases better (see Fig 1).

Figure 1: DISQOVER Horizontal Bar Chart

Figure 1: A horizontal bar chart

2.2   Data Provenance Control

In the Data Ingestion Engine, data provenance information can be visualized for each instance using the option in the fetch resource data request form from the introspection tool (see Fig 2). The provenance is indicated by alphabetical tags, shown for each value of the predicates, and is displayed by the URI of the data source.

Figure 2: View provenance information in the resource request form

Figure 2: View provenance information in the resource request form


The in-house icon shown on each canonical type can be enabled or disabled in the pipeline canonical type configuration (see Fig 3). The option is turned on by default, which means that the in-house icon will be displayed for the canonical type.

Figure 3: Canonical type configuration option for the in-house logo

2.3 User Management

An administrator can manage the amount and types of users more efficiently by using the new “Group statistics” functionality (see Fig 4). This feature displays the count of all users grouped by user profiles. The four default user groups, which are aligned with the licenses, are listed on top. The number of users in groups with custom permissions is also shown.

The advantage of this feature enables administrators to be alerted when the licensed number of users within a particular group is exceeded. Thresholds can be configured.

Figure 4: User counts per type in the Groups statistics feature

Figure 4: User counts per type in the Groups statistics feature


Analyzing user behavior and platform traffic is now possible with multiple external tools via customizable user tracking scripts. Adding these scripts, which contain “tracking codes” specific to your analysis tools, to the customization panel enables administrators to measure and analyze users in their preferred application. Examples of applications providing tracking codes include HubSpot and Google Analytics.


2.4 Tree Pipeline Component

The data ingestion engine has a new feature to better handle hierarchical data. This feature is represented by a component added to the ingestion pipeline (see Fig 5), complementing the engine’s existing component set. The component “Expand Hierarchical Paths” creates a new hierarchical (tree) predicate based on provided parent-child information. The new predicate has a “.path” extension. This .path predicate can then be used to configure a hierarchical facet.

This new component has the following advantages:

  • It reduces the duplication of “tree creation” within RDS subscription pipelines as the new path predicate can be transferred across subscriptions.
  • It increases the speed of data publishing.

Figure 5: Expand Hierarchical Paths component

Figure 5: Expand Hierarchical Paths component


3 Upgrade Instructions

DISQOVER version 5.10.x or lower should be first upgraded to version 5.20.x. Upgrading version 5.20.x to version 6.1.x can be achieved by updating the disqover-installer package through yum or apt and running the disqover-update command. DISQOVER deployments configured with an external PostgreSQL host or with custom Docker containers must follow additional guidelines.  In the case of an external PostgreSQL, an update to PostgreSQL version 11 is necessary.

More details are available in Chapter 3 of the DISQOVER 6.11 System Administrator Manual or via support at


4 Notes

Note that the following features have been removed or adjusted:

  • Change in search behavior for terms including a dash, for example:
    • In DISQOVER 6.10.x or lower, “IL-17” was broken down into “IL” OR “17”
    • In DISQOVER 6.11, “IL-17” is broken down into “IL-17” (exact match) OR “IL 17”
  • Removed the Announcements field. If you use announcements on search page templates, please replace them with text widgets.
  • The data verification warning “Class has configured predicates which are empty for all resources.” is temporarily disabled.
  • ONTOFORCE will support the usage of the web browser Internet Explorer IE11 until the end of June 2021, IE11 will not be supported beyond this date.
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