DISQOVER  for Integrated Omics Data
DISQOVER for Integrated Omics Data

Performing omics experiments in high throughput has become a common technique in biomedical research. There’s an abundance of omics data but often its difficult to find the subset you really need. DISQOVER improves the annotation of omics data to avoid missing out on relevant subsets.

Challenges in Omics Data Integration

The growing popularity of omics experiments has been instrumental in major breakthroughs, but has some drawbacks too. Omics data often misses proper and consistent metadata and causes a strange paradox.

There’s an abundance of omics data in the public domain or generated within organizations but in many cases it’s difficult to find the subset you are looking for.

A touch of DISQOVER

New Target Identifecation

An improved annotation of omics data and the enrichment with public and internal reference data helps to find a relevant subset faster. As a result, DISQOVER is a solution for an efficient omics data journey and to avoid missing out.  In addition, when embedded in a software ecosystem, search results can be used to link-out to downstream applications where a (re-)analysis for the raw data is possible.

Advantages of DISQOVER for Integrated Omics Data

  • Make better decisions by creating an efficient omics data journey, thanks to advanced data integration
  • Search, browse and filter in all available omics data sets
  • Re-ingest raw data from linked downstream applications to find new insights

Go hands on with the DISQOVER Community Edition to search, explore and visualize data from a variety of public sources for free, or get in touch with our team to schedule a personalized demo.