DISQOVER for clinical study landscape
DISQOVER for clinical study landscape

How to stay up to date on clinical studies in your indication or therapeutic area?  It’s a daunting and time-consuming task. Companies try to maintain internal intelligence on their competitors' clinical and medical activities using a variety of sources and methods. Information of interest includes programs, trials, publications, press releases...any publicly accessible information on medicines, diseases or therapeutic areas and the organizations operating within those categories.

Challenges in Clinical Studies

It is difficult, time intensive and costly to access and analyze all of the required information about type of study, status, lead sponsor, study phase, and locations. Data is often siloed, combined with no awareness of already existing information within or outside the organization. There is a risk of missing important information that can lead to flawed decisions.

DISQOVER for Clinical Studies

A touch of DISQOVER

By organizing fragmented sources of information, DISQOVER accelerates this work, which can lead to better real-time information about the market and their competitors, and thus better decision-making. DISQOVER helps clinical research teams keep up to date more thoroughly and efficiently on important developments that impact their in-market medicines, clinical programs/trials, and discovery priorities.

Advantages of DISQOVER for Clinical Studies

  • Direct impact on the quality of data collected, study timelines, and overall project finances.
  • More efficient use of very valuable data sources to their full potential for many more users.
  • Shorten time-to-market and provide new treatments faster to patients who desperately need them.

Go hands on with the DISQOVER Community Edition to search, explore and visualize data from a variety of public sources for free, or get in touch with our team to schedule a personalized demo. DISQOVER for Clinical Study Landscape