Semantic integration & knowledge graphs

Semantic integration & knowledge graphs

DISQOVER uses the powerful concept of a knowledge graph to integrate, link, and structure data. Combined with semantic search, this allows you to turn your siloed data sources into a single, uniform and  high-quality knowledge base.

Knowledge graph: from data to knowledge

DISQOVER integrates data from a variety of disparate data sources using the powerful concept of an ontology-based knowledge graph. All data is linked, relying on a unified nomenclature. This means that the data becomes understandable and informative, and you can search and analyze the entire integrated data set without having to worry about the particularities of the original data sources.

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Understanding intent and context

The semantic search extends the standard search capabilities by looking at the intent of the searcher as well as the context of the search. The results are more-refined and precise search results.

The power of linked data: find the unexpected

Discovering unexpected new insights is a core objective of DISQOVER. At any time, the knowledge graph allows you to follow links to additional, related information for a result set revealed by your search.
For example, if you have performed a keyword search revealing several publications, with a single click, you can retrieve a list of authors for these publications. Another click, and you can retrieve these authors’ organizations.

The power of linked data: find the unexpected

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