Interactive data exploration is key to knowledge discovery. It encourages you to drill down and navigate deeper into your data. DISQOVER uses innovative technology to deliver all query and analytics results  in near real-time.

An indexed knowledge graph

The conventional approach for querying an ontology-based knowledge graph is to use a triplestore database. However, this technology does not scale well for near real-time queries on big data. DISQOVER uses unique proprietary technology to build a fully indexed knowledge graph, facilitating advanced queries such as full text, categorical, and range searches on billions of triples in just a few seconds.


Real-time visual analytics

In DISQOVER, you can create interactive analytics dashboards with advanced visualization charts such as heat maps, bubble diagrams, and chord diagrams are instantaneously displayed and updated, even for the most massive data sets.

Disqover dashboard analyse results ONTOFORCE Technology

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