The DISQOVER platform embraces an open architecture for data as well as functionality and is designed to be deeply integrated in a rich and complex enterprise IT solutions ecosystem.

API automation

DISQOVER comes with an extensive REST API that can be used for machine-to-machine communication. You can use this API to automate processes, such as triggering data updates. In addition, other services and applications in your solutions ecosystem can use it to extract information from the DISQOVER platform, for example to facilitate specialized downstream analytics.

API automation
Direct import and export of linked data

Direct import and export of linked data

Linked data, represented in an ontology-based knowledge graph, is at the core of DISQOVER’s data model. You can easily import and export linked data at any time using RDF, the open standard for linked data triples.

Throughout the DISQOVER platform, open architecture is used for the data as well as for the application. You can connect the platform to third-party applications and services in numerous ways. For example:

  • Download data you retrieved in CSV or Excel format for analysis in another application.
  • Export the linked data as RDF for downstream analysis.
  • Extend the Data Ingestion Engine with a custom plug-in component that relies on a third-party application for specialized data processing, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • Plug in a third-party search engine for specialized searches. An example of the level of customization that can be achieved is the {chemistry search plugin}=>{link to chemistry search blog post}, allowing you to search for chemical compounds by simply drawing (parts of) the chemical structure in a graphical environment.


database plug in - Clinical Study Sites - Ontoforce disqover

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