• Date: 26-29 Feb 2024
  • City: Leiden
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Address: Fletcher Hotel
15th International SWAT4HCLS Conference


15th International SWAT4HCLS Conference

ONTOFORCE is participating in the 15th International SWAT4HCLS Conference in Leiden from 26-29 February, 2024. Join us for 190+ presentations, and discussions on digital transformations, real-world data challenges, and R&D efforts.

Menno + Berenice (SWAT4HCLS) 2024

Sponsored talk : Revolutionizing pediatric oncology research with findable data through DISQOVER

Abstract: The Princess Máxima Center of Pediatric Oncology wants to cure every child with cancer, with optimal quality of life.  However, a big hurdle for researchers is to find health care and research data, which is spread across a landscape of siloed databases and systems. This is a common challenge for scientific research overall. They have therefore implemented the semantic technology DISQOVER. It makes it possible to integrate (parts of) different systems, such as their EPD, biobank systems and research databases, into a semantic web. As a result, researchers and physicians can efficiently find data through a single user-friendly overview.


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Early registration is open to scientists, researchers, clinicians, technology firms, investors, and patient organizations due to limited ticket availability.

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