• Date: 4-6 October 2023
  • City: Basel
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Address: Basel Congress Centre
BiotechX Europe 2023

We are excited to announce that we will be participating in the BioTechX Europe 2023 in Basel, Switzerland to showcase our flagship product, DISQOVER. As a leading provider of life sciences data and knowledge platforms, we are dedicated to helping organizations accelerate research and drug development to improve patient outcomes.

DISQOVER is a cutting-edge platform designed specifically for life sciences organizations, leveraging semantic technology and an ontology-based knowledge graph to help users unlock hidden insights from their data. With over 10,000 users globally, DISQOVER is trusted by many leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies to accelerate research and drug development. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to demonstrate DISQOVER's powerful features and benefits to attendees at BioTechX Europe 2023, where there will be joining more than 2,500 leaders from across the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare sectors for discussions on digital transformation, precision medicine, and drug development.

4 OCTOBER 2023 | 10:00 AM

How data centric approaches are transforming the Life Sciences industry?

Gernot Weber   Head of Data Strategy & Digital Innovation MERCKspeaker ONTOFORCE

Gernot Weber

Head of Data Strategy

& Digital Innovation 


Sam Khalil

Sam Khalil

Vice President
Head of Data Insights

Novo Nordisk

Ashwini Sondur Head Enterprise Data, Global Informatics  F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd  ONTOFORCE

Ashwini Sondur

Head Enterprise Data
Global Informatics

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Philippe Marc Novartis

Philippe Marc

Executive Director, Global Head of Integrated Data Sciences



Bérénice Wulbrecht

VP Solutions Enablement

BioTechX  2023 ONTOFORCE linked data platform DISQOVER

Join ONTOFORCE at BioTechX Europe 2023 | Booth: 809

Attendees will have the opportunity to see DISQOVER in action and learn more about how it can help them unlock hidden insights from their data to improve patient outcomes. DISQOVER's semantic technology and ontology-based knowledge graph enables more efficient data exploration and analysis, making it a trusted platform among leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

e-therapeutics HepNet powered by ONTOFORCE's DISQOVER:
a highlight presentation at BiotechX conference

Unlocking novel therapeutic targets: a synergy of cutting-edge science and data harmonization | 4 October @ 12:45 

Presented by James Longden, Head of Discovery Biology at e-therapeutics & Carl Latham, VP of Sales and Partnerships at ONTOFORCE.

Learn about HepNet, a human-machine interface for RNAi target discovery and ONTOFORCE's DISQOVER platform.

The major challenge for mature treatment modalities like RNAi is the identification of novel targets. Typically, target identification approaches involve the search for individual proteins in well-characterized pathways. However, such reductionist approaches are prone to failure because they do not reflect the intricate complexity of human biology. Proteins are highly interlinked in inter- and intracellular signaling networks, and diseases often stem from abnormalities within these networks, rather than isolated gene aberrations. 

e-therapeutics aims to understand disease using their suite of proprietary computational models to build and interrogate protein-protein interactions. To support this work they are developing a centralized interface, HepNet, that will give biologists access to large-scale data currently only amenable to computational interrogation and also the ability to participate in the selection of targets in concert with artificial intelligence algorithms.

_ONTOFORCE  HepNet a human machine interface for RNAi target discovery and ONTOFORCE DISQOVER platform

 A key feature of HepNet is a human, hepatocyte-centric knowledge graph, built using ONTOFORCE’s DISQOVER, and the harmonization and FAIRification of data, which makes vast datasets accessible for computational analysis and human interpretation. Such human-in-the-loop models have the advantage of being more transparent given that they require a human to understand each output such that an action can be taken. One example of this would be an interface to link a disease to genes via biological processes using a combination of AI analysis and human interpretation.

ONTOFORCE showcases DISQOVER as a diamond sponsor at BioTechX Europe 2023 for life sciences data and knowledge platforms

BioTechX Europe 2022 Aftermovie

Meet our team of experts in Basel | Booth: 809

We invite scientists, researchers, clinicians, technology companies, investors, and patient organizations to register early for the event, as tickets are limited. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of our DISQOVER solution, we encourage you to book a meeting with our experts

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