• Date: 8-12 May 2023
  • City: New York
  • Country: USA
  • Address: Cornell Tech Campus
The Healthcare and Life Sciences Symposium at the Knowledge Graph Conference
The Knowledge Graph Conference Cornell Tech, NYC  ONTOFORCE 2023

We are excited to announce our participation in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Symposium (HCLS) on 8 May in New York City. 

Co-located with the 2023 Knowledge Graph Conference, the Healthcare and Life Sciences Symposium aims to explore theoretical and practical methods and techniques for building and maintaining knowledge graphs for the healthcare and life sciences domains. The symposium will cover a wide range of topics, including data integration, data profiling, data curation, querying, knowledge discovery, ontology mapping, matching, reconciliation, machine learning approaches, and applications. Several invited speakers who are thought leaders in the healthcare and life sciences space will present at the event, along with a panel discussion comprising experts from industry, government, and academia. The primary objectives of this symposium will be to provide a platform to discuss the characterization of healthcare and life sciences knowledge graphs, opportunities for their application, challenges of creating and maintaining them, and opportunities for knowledge graph research in this space.

As a company committed to leveraging the power of data and knowledge graphs to improve patient outcomes in the life sciences industry, ONTOFORCE is thrilled to participate in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Symposium and further our dedication to advancing knowledge and innovation in this critical area. 

2023 The Knowledge Graph Conference  Carl Latham ONTOFORCE DISQOVER New York

ONTOFORCE presents the DISQOVER platform at HCLS

Come 8 May, at the Healthcare and Life Sciences Symposium, Carl Latham, VP of Sales and Partnerships at ONTOFORCE, will be presenting about the DISQOVER platform and its powerful knowledge graph technology.

Carl will showcase the benefits of knowledge graphs and the DISQOVER platform by delving into a compelling use case with one of the top 10 big pharma companies. Using DISQOVER, this pharma giant has consolidated disparate clinical trial data from various sources and integrated it into a single knowledge graph, maintaining a semantic structure with an abstracted model for user navigability.

Meet ONTOFORCE in New York

Scientists, researchers, clinicians, pharma companies, and patient organizations are encouraged to register early for the event, as tickets are limited.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of our DISQOVER solution, we encourage you to book a meeting with our experts using the form below.

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