DISQOVER Solution Features Semantic search at work


Semantic search at work

Find the most relevant data faster, smarter, and simpler. With DISQOVER, you can provide context to a text search, narrow down your search results with dynamic filters, and leverage the power of linked data across different data sources to gain new insights.

Easily mine linked data via one easy-to-use interface

DISQOVER aggregates data from disparate data sources so you no longer have to visit different websites or applications. Type in your keyword(s) and start searching through your data, combined with public and third-party data, all in one place.

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More accurate insights

A search with an ordinary search engine usually returns a large number of results, but distilling relevant information from said search is often time-consuming and challenging. DISQOVER goes beyond keyword search and provides possible contexts from which to choose, so you can continue your search in the right direction. This way, you get smarter search results, faster.

For example, if you are looking for articles on ALS, you choose the “Publication” context, whereas the “Clinical Study” context is more relevant to a patient looking for potential treatments.

Expand queries with topic-aware synonyms

You can obtain more robust and accurate search results by adding synonyms of an entered search term. DISQOVER determines which synonyms are relevant within the context, excluding ambiguous terms and avoiding confusion.

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Include non-text-based search

If words are not enough, you can use integrated tools to search by drawing. Perform a chemical search by simply drawing a molecule structure or a molecule fragment. Your drawing gets instantly translated in known strings and the context will be revealed to you.

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