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ONTOFORCE nominated for DataNews 2023 Awards for Excellence

ONTOFORCE has been nominated for DataNews' Belgian Tech Scale-up Company of the Year and Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year 2023 awards.

24 March 2023 3 minutes

ONTOFORCE is pleased to announce that we have been nominated for the DataNews 2023 Awards for Excellence in two categories: Belgian Tech Scale-up Company of the Year and Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year.  

DataNews Awards for Excellence 2023 

DataNews is a Belgian media outlet that focuses on news related to information and communication technology (ICT). DataNews covers a wide range of topics including cybersecurity, software development, digital transformation, cloud computing, and more. The publication targets professionals, entrepreneurs, and ICT enthusiasts in Belgium and beyond. 

ThDataNews Excellence Awards are an annual event hosted by DataNews to recognize and reward the most outstanding companies, products, and individuals in the Belgian ICT sector.  The DataNews Excellence Awards serve as a platform to showcase the best practices and innovative ideas in the Belgian ICT industry, and to applaud the achievements of the individuals and companies who are driving the sector forward. 

Belgian Tech Scale-up Company of the Year 

For the Belgian Tech Scale-up Company of the Year award, the nomination criteria are centered on Belgian technology scaleups that have grown exponentially over the last couple of years and that are currentlydeveloping their market via strategic collaborations with established corporates and/or internationally. 

ONTOFORCE has been steadily growing throughout the recent years. In 2022, we onboarded 24 new colleagues from across the globe and with this growing team, we have been able to accomplish more and more in terms of both our product and our go-to-market strategy. Additionally, on top of ONTOFORCE’s existing strategic partnerships and alliances that we have maintained throughout the recent years, such as with Clarivate, Accenture, and the Pistoia Alliance, this year, we will kick-off additional collaborations with other established firms within the life sciences industry. These strategic partnerships and alliances enable ONTOFORCE to further develop our market and expand our area of impact.  

Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year 

The Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year award is aimed at technology trendsetters that open up new possibilities in the field of enterprise applications. The award is aimed at highlighting innovative enterprise applications that break new ground for either accelerated growth, efficient business processes, additional added value or generating new business. 

DISQOVER, ONTOFORCE's flagship product, is such an enterprise application as it enables major efficiencies for our customers while driving the creation of insights that facilitate added value and business opportunities. DISQOVER was developed specifically for the life sciences sector as a data and knowledge platform to structure and link any type of data to deliver actionable insights, quicker and more efficiently than traditional data management approaches. DISQOVER has been built on semantic technology and an ontology-based knowledge graph. This combination enables organizations to turn siloed data sources into a single, high-quality knowledge base so that they can get the most of their data.  

As an interoperable enterprise solution, DISQOVER sits at the heart of our customers’ digital ecosystems, connecting with other applications to empower a powerful and innovative digital infrastructure. In doing all this, DISQOVER is a shining example of an innovative enterprise application within the life sciences industry, as it continues to help organizations accelerate drug development timelines, reduce failure risks, improve business processes, optimize costs, enhance completeness, and facilitate the ability to uncover insights that were previously hidden.  

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"We are thrilled to be nominated for DataNews’ Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year and Belgian Tech Scale-up Company of the Year awards,” says Valerie Morel, CEO of ONTOFORCE. These nominations recognize our dedication to our customers in scaling our business so we can continue to deliver an innovative enterprise product that helps them to drive success in developing treatments that improve patients’ lives.” 

You can vote for ONTOFORCE for the Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year and Belgian Tech Scale-up Company of the Year at https://datanewsawards.be/ 

Voting closes on 14 April 2023.