ONTOFORCE and Averbis partner to unlock hidden insights and accelerate innovation in life sciences

80% of data is unstructured – the partnership will empower scientific researchers and data scientists to gain deeper insights from unstructured data sources.

8 May 2023 3 minutes

ONTOFORCE and Averbis partner to unlock hidden insights and accelerate innovation in life sciences  

Ghent, Belgium and Freiburg, Germany – 8 May 2023 

ONTOFORCE, the provider of DISQOVER, a leading knowledge discovery platform for the life sciences industry, and Averbis, a provider of advanced natural language processing (NLP) solutions, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at empowering life sciences companies to unlock the full potential of their data. By combining ONTOFORCE's knowledge graph technology with Averbis' NLP capabilities, the partnership will improve the capacity to mine and explore knowledge, ultimately leading to faster innovation and better patient outcomes.  

ONTOFORCE is a Belgian-headquartered software company specializing in semantic search technology and knowledge graph solutions designed exclusively for the life sciences industry. ONTOFORCE's flagship product, DISQOVER, is a platform that enables data scientists and researchers to quickly and easily search, aggregate, and analyze vast amounts of scientific and biomedical data from private, public, and third-party data sources. DISQOVER provides a unique, user-friendly interface that allows users to visualize relationships between data, identify patterns and insights, and collaborate with peers. With more than 10,000 users, it’s deployed by many top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the world. 

Averbis is a leading provider of NLP solutions for healthcare and life sciences industries. The company's software enables users to automatically extract insights from unstructured text data, including clinical notes, scientific articles, and patents. Averbis offers a range of advanced capabilities, including named entity recognition and topic modeling, that can be used to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of data analysis and accelerate the drug discovery and development process.   

The partnership between ONTOFORCE and Averbis addresses the challenge of unstructured data sources in the life sciences industry. Despite the wealth of data available, 80% of it is unstructured, making it difficult to extract insights and gain a comprehensive understanding of the data. The joint vision of the partnership is to empower scientific researchers and data scientists to gain deeper insights from unstructured data sources such as clinical notes, literature, and patents, as well as to accelerate innovation in the life sciences industry.  

By augmenting DISQOVER with Averbis' NLP capabilities, data scientists will be able to better explore and understand more relationships within the data and derive new insights that were previously hidden within unstructured data sources. These new capabilities are now available as part of the DISQOVER platform and are offered as an add-on, allowing customers to integrate their NLP results into other business applications and services. 

"The combination of ONTOFORCE's knowledge graph technology and Averbis' NLP solutions as a fully integrated one-stop shop solution offers a powerful tool for life sciences companies," says Valerie Morel, CEO of ONTOFORCE. "Through our partnership with Averbis, we aim to empower scientific researchers and data scientists to make better use of unstructured data sources and gain new insights that will ultimately lead to better treatments and better outcomes for patients."  

"We are very excited to be working with ONTOFORCE," says Kornel Marko, CEO of Averbis. "ONTOFORCE’s semantic technology enables more precise search and analysis of information, which adds significant value to customers in the pharmaceutical industry. The company has an impressive track record over the past few years, and we look forward to working with Valerie and her team to realize our joint vision: accelerating drug development for improved patient outcomes."  


ONTOFORCE helps life sciences organizations accelerate research and drug development for improved patient outcomes by unlocking hidden insights from data. Founded on semantic technology and an ontology-based knowledge graph, their flagship product, DISQOVER, is a knowledge discovery platform developed specifically for the life sciences industry. DISQOVER seamlessly connects an organization’s internal, siloed data with licensed data and public data in one easy-to-use, customizable platform, enabling efficient data exploration and analysis.   

DISQOVER has over 10,000 users across the globe and is deployed by many leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Users include scientific researchers, bioinformaticians, data scientists, and many other roles. 

ONTOFORCE is headquartered in Ghent, Belgium and has a secondary office in the United States in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Learn more about ONTOFORCE at ontoforce.com and try DISQOVER at disqover.com. 

About Averbis: 

Averbis provides its international customers in the HealthCare and Life Science industries with scalable text mining and machine learning solutions for the analysis of unstructured data. Our goal is to turn text into useful information for process optimization, research, automation of cognitive tasks, and useful predictions. Averbis has more than 15 years of experience across the value chain, from research and development to regulatory affairs and business development. With a successful track record with many major companies, Averbis has helped reduce our clients' workload by up to 80%. Visit www.averbis.com