ONTOFORCE’s knowledge discovery platform solution DISQOVER now available on Kubernetes

DISQOVER is now available on Kubernetes, the leading container orchestration platform that allows for easy deployment and improved application availability.

4 April 2023 3 minutes

ONTOFORCE’s knowledge discovery platform solution, DISQOVER, is now available on Kubernetes, a leading container orchestration platform that allows for easy deployment and improved application availability. Read on to learn more. 

DISQOVER now available on Kubernetes 

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform that automates the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes provides a platform-agnostic way to manage Docker applications, allowing them to run on a variety of cloud providers or on-premises infrastructure. It allows developers to deploy and manage applications at scale, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. 

Kubernetes provides a range of features, including automated container deployment and scaling, automated rollouts and rollbacks, self-healing of failed containers, load balancing, and storage orchestration.  

Kubernetes is gaining popularity within the life sciences industry, especially in the areas of bioinformatics, genomics, and drug discovery. The use of containerization technology and Kubernetes in particular, allows life sciences companies to easily deploy and scale applications, while also ensuring security and reproducibility of their workflows. 

ONTOFORCE's DISQOVER platform is a powerful knowledge discovery platform that enables efficient data integration and exploration. DISQOVER is utilized by leading life sciences companies to optimize data management processes and accelerate drug development timelines. With over 10,000 users across the globe, DISQOVER has become increasingly popular among data scientists and researchers looking to render complex data sets useable through knowledge graph and semantic search technologies. With this growing use of DISQOVER, it is essential that our ONTOFORCE team continues to evolve and update all aspects of the product, including options for how it is deployed.  Therefore, today, ONTOFORCE is happy to announce that the Helm charts, the industry standard for deploying applications on Kubernetes, are now available for DISQOVER. 

Benefits of Kubernetes 

Implementing an industry standard for deployment will enable many benefits for our customers and their organizations, including: 


Kubernetes provides automated deployment capabilities, which allow developers to easily deploy new versions of a product with minimal downtime. Kubernetes also supports rolling updates, which enables an application to be upgraded without causing downtime or disruption. With rolling updates, Kubernetes will update the application gradually, one instance at a time, and monitor the progress to ensure that the upgrade is successful.  

Such capabilities mean that when new versions of DISQOVER are available, the process of upgrading will be more efficient and smoother.   


Kubernetes provides a range of automation features, including automatic scaling and load balancing, as well as automated recovery from failures. This reduces the amount of manual interventions required to keep DISQOVER running smoothly. With this first version of DISQOVER on Kubernetes, we frame future developments that will make it easier to manage and scale the application. This is crucial for running large-scale genomics, bioinformatics, and other data-intensive applications. Kubernetes also ensures that an application is always available by automatically restarting containers that fail, ensuring that resources are optimally utilized, and scaling the application up or down based on demand. 


Kubernetes will enable an industry standard way of deployment for DISQOVER. Helm charts provide a consistent way to package and deploy applications, making it easy to reproduce the deployment environment. Helm charts can also be easily customized to fit the specific needs of an environment. This allows for greater flexibility in deploying and managing DISQOVER. 

A major step towards a more enterprise-ready product 

By running DISQOVER on Kubernetes, users will benefit from the flexibility, scalability, and automation features of this leading container orchestration platform, making it easier to manage and analyze large data sets and adapt to changing research needs, which can be caused by various factors within life sciences organizations. 

 "We are thrilled to announce that DISQOVER is now available on Kubernetes,” says ONTOFORCE’s Senior Vice President of Engineering, Michael Vanhoutte. “Our continuous efforts to evolve DISQOVER’s features and make technological advancements are always top priority for ONTOFORCE. This update truly advances what’s technically possible with DISQOVER by making it easier to manage and deploy across our customers’ infrastructures." 

"By making DISQOVER available via Kubernetes, we're taking a major step towards making our product more enterprise-ready, flexible, and easier to maintain,” says ONTOFORCE Product Manager Martin Robbins. “At ONTOFORCE, we're constantly striving to provide data scientists and bioinformaticians with what they need to unlock the full potential of their data, in support of their aims to get new scientific discoveries and treatments to market faster. This latest update is a testament to that commitment." 

This is the first step in deploying DISQOVER on Kubernetes. Further optimization and future developments in this area will enable higher availabilities and other benefits.  

Want to know more? 

For more information regarding DISQOVER on Kubernetes, please contact us.  

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