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ONTOFORCE’s knowledge discovery platform solution DISQOVER 6.72.0 release now available

ONTOFORCE announces DISQOVER’s latest 6.72.0 release, which pushes our performance to new heights while improving the data ingestion experience. Read on to learn more about what’s been improved. 

04 May 2023 3 minutes

ONTOFORCE’s mission is to help life science companies accelerate scientific discovery and drug development to improve patients’ lives. DISQOVER is a vital tool in that process, and we work continuously to improve its usability and performance so our users can make the biggest possible impact.  

Today, ONTOFORCE is happy to announce DISQOVER’s latest 6.72.0 release, which pushes our performance to new heights while improving the data ingestion experience. Read on to learn more about what’s been improved. 

RDS improvements 

In addition to integrating, linking, and structuring data, DISQOVER seamlessly connects trusted public data sources with customers’ internal data. Over 140 public data sources are pre-ingested into the platform. These data sources are kept up to date with the help of our data team, who update the sources on a regular basis to ensure users are always working with the most recent data available within DISQOVER.  

With DISQOVER’s remote data subscription (RDS) packages, domain-specific data sets of a customer’s choice can be retrieved and ingested into DISQOVER, providing the flexibility to make data integration choices based on use cases so users can optimally use and explore data.  

With this new release, the RDS set-up flow has been simplified through the introduction of RDS groups. Users can now segment datasets from the same publisher with different update schedules. For example, a daily update schedule can be set up for smaller datasets or for datasets that are more frequently updated by a publisher. A weekly or monthly update schedule can be configured for datasets that are more static, especially when these datasets are larger. The weekly or monthly schedule enables the user to save on the recurring load times that these datasets require. 


When updating DISQOVER to this new release, users can immediately benefit from this improvement and begin setting up new groupings in a more intuitive manner. Note that existing users’ historic implementation will be carried over into this new UX. However, ONTOFORCE strongly encourage users to begin benefiting from this more intuitive set-up option once they have completed the update.   

Additional RDS subscription improvements in this release: 

  • Four RDS subscriptions can now run in parallel, improving the speed of concurrent data updates
  • If an RDS subscription fails while updating, it will now automatically retry to update, instead of requiring manual intervention
  • Pages are more responsive 

Data ingestion engine improvements 

DISQOVER is equipped with a powerful and ultra-fast data ingestion engine that allows users to import, manipulate, link, and integrate their own data into DISQOVER, using an innovative visual pipeline environment.  

With this release, the data ingestion engine’s export to RDF functionality now includes the configuration for better integration in 3rd party applications that use RDF as input, such as triple stores like Anzo, Neo4j, Neptune, and others. As our users know, interoperability is a cornerstone of DISQOVER, as we want to ensure DISQOVER continues to seamlessly fit within any customers’ enterprise data stack/environment. Enabling this improved functionality was thus a driving factor in this release. 

The data ingestion engine is also now 20% faster thanks to optimization efforts. ONTOFORCE has very ambitious performance targets and our teams are continually working on optimizing the platform so we can meet these targets and further deliver on our commitment to our users.  

Driving improvements for our users 

"We know that performance and interoperability are critical for our users," says Michael Vanhoutte, Senior Vice President of Engineering at ONTOFORCE, “and our teams have been working hard to enhance the data ingestion engine while making a range of improvements to RDS processes and flows. This release sets new benchmarks for performance and efficiency in DISQOVER and paves the way for even more transformative gains in the future." 

We actively seek feedback from our users, as this helps us to ensure that DISQOVER remains a useful and key tool for our user communities. Ultimately, ONTOFORCE's commitment to continuously improving DISQOVER reflects our dedication to empowering researchers and scientists to drive innovation forward in the life sciences industry. We look forward to hearing more from our users as we continue to improve DISQOVER and advance our product roadmap. 

Haven’t tried DISQOVER yet? DISQOVER helps researchers and data scientists at life sciences companies answer complex questions concerning their research in one platform. The consistent and easy-to-use interface democratizes access to data through self-service knowledge discovery, which enables business users to blend, wrangle, and mash-up datasets. Check out DISQOVER’s community edition and experience what’s possible with the power of linked data.