DISQOVER 6.77 now available: find out what’s new in DISQOVER

DISQOVER 6.77, the latest version of ONTOFORCE's knowledge discovery platform is now available. Learn more about what's new in DISQOVER.

23 January 2024 3 min

Today, ONTOFORCE has released DISQOVER 6.77, the latest version of our flagship product. We’re taking the opportunity to highlight what’s new in DISQOVER not only following this release, but also following DISQOVER’s other latest releases, 6.75 and 6.76. 

Data ingestion engine improvements  

DISQOVER is equipped with a powerful and ultra-fast data ingestion engine that allows users to import, manipulate, link, and integrate their own data into DISQOVER, using an innovative visual pipeline environment. With DISQOVER’s most recent releases, the data ingestion engine has seen significant improvements.  

DISQOVER Data ingestion knowledge graphDISQOVER's data ingestion engine's visual pipeline environment 

Following the release of DISQOVER 6.75, .ttl file export speeds from the data ingestion engine are now up to eight times faster. Additionally, updates and optimizations were made to the .ttl file export functionality in DISQOVER 6.76 to facilitate interoperability with triple store and graph databases. 

In both 6.76 and 6.77, updates have been made that improve experience within the data ingestion engine: 

  • Import components can directly set URIs and Labels: Importing a dataset requires a user to import, define a URI (uniform reference identifier), and tag name and synonyms for each object. Prior to 6.76, this was done in several steps using several components. URI and Label setting was previously always done through the dedicated “Add URI” and “Add Label” components. However, when data was clean enough, this did not provide the best user experience as it required several steps during pipeline development. Following the 6.76 release, a user is able to indicate a field that can be used to set a Label or URI within any import component. 
  • Reduced memory usage: In 6.77, the data ingestion engine's memory usage during indexing has been improved. This update supports users conducting higher levels of data ingestion, providing more reliability and reducing the memory usage needed during indexing. 

In the coming months, users can expect to see more improvements made to the data ingestion engine. ONTOFORCE is working continuously to make the engine faster, more stable, and an efficient and cost-effective solution for ingesting data into DISQOVER. 

Installation improvements 

DISQOVER is available for insallation on Kubernetes, the leading container orchestration platform that allows for easy deployment and improved application availability. Following the 6.75 release, DISQOVER instances installed on Kubernetes are now able to pull source files directly from S3. This enables users to avoid storing data on EFS and reduce runtime costs. Following today’s 6.77 release, when using Kubernetes to install DISQOVER, code plugins can be stored on S3 or Azure Blob storage to optimize larger installations.  

Scaling and improving DISQOVER  

In the autumn of 2023, DISQOVER transitioned from a quarterly release schedule to putting out releases every four weeks. This has enabled ONTOFORCE to present new features and updates to users even faster. Since this transition, these recent releases have marked a significant step forward in ONTOFORCE’s ongoing mission to empower organizations and researchers with a scalable and trustworthy data integration and knowledge discovery tool. We look forward to further improving DISQOVER, scaling its abilities, adding new features, and enhancing our users' experiences as the year progresses.  

DISQOVER links siloed data using knowledge graph and semantic technologies. Users can search across disparate public and private data sources through a single interface that enables easy and efficient data discovery and exploration. DISQOVER allows researchers and collaborators to swiftly access valuable insights in one place, ensuring that information isn’t overlooked for faster and more accurate decision-making. Request a demoto experiencewhat’spossible with the power of linked data.