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ONTOFORCE nominated for the DataNews Awards for Excellence 2024 

For the second year in a row, ONTOFORCE has been nominated for the DataNews 2024 Awards for Excellence in two categories: "Belgian Tech Scale-up Company of the Year" and "Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year".   

18 April 2024 3 min

Data News, a Belgian media outlet specializing in information and communication technology (ICT) news, covers a broad spectrum of subjects, including cybersecurity, software development, digital transformation, and cloud computing. Catering to professionals, entrepreneurs, and ICT enthusiasts in Belgium and beyond, DataNews aims to inform its audience about national and international ICT news. 

An annual highlight on the Belgian ICT calendar, the DataNews Excellence Awards, organized by DataNews, celebrate the exceptional achievements of companies, products, and individuals within the sector. These awards not only recognize excellence but also serve as a platform to showcase best practices and innovative ideas, applauding those driving the Belgian ICT industry forward.  

For the second year in a row, ONTOFORCE has been nominated for the DataNews 2024 Awards for Excellence in two categories: "Belgian Tech Scale-up Company of the Year" and "Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year".   

"Belgian Tech Scale-up Company of the Year " 

Companies nominated in the category “Belgian Tech Scale-up Company of the Year” are all Belgian technology scaleups that have grown exponentially over the last couple of years and are currently developing their market via strategic collaborations with established corporates and/or internationally. 

"Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year " 

This award is aimed at technology trendsetters that open up new possibilities in the field of enterprise applications – front-end or back-end: software as a product or software as a service. 

DataNews is highlighting innovative enterprise applications that e.g. break new ground for accelerated growth, efficient business processes, additional added value or generating new business.  

ONTOFORCE nominations

We’re delighted that ONTOFORCE has been nominated in these two categories. The past few years, we’ve grown rapidly in terms of revenue, customers, partners and employees. We have also continued our investments in our flagship product DISQOVER a powerful knowledge discovery platform built exclusively for life sciences. Thanks to semantic technology, it helps life sciences companies accelerate decision-making in their drug development activities by uncovering insights from siloed data. 

For example, a deployment for 100 DISQOVER users at a leading international pharmaceutical company resulted in $3.1M in savings in search time in one year. Calculating the number of days saved by moving targets faster through drug development pipelines showed $134M in savings. By applying the same concepts in later phases of clinical development, days to months can be saved in patient recruitment. 

Underpinned by innovative technology, DISQOVER uniquely combines an intuitive search experience for business users with self-service data ingestion capabilities. This makes DISQOVER the only one-stop-shop solution for biopharmaceutical companies wanting full control over their semantic layer while providing an easy-to-use front end for their scientists. 

DISQOVER today has over 10,000 users around the globe. Users include scientific researchers, bioinformaticians, data scientists, and many other roles. Enterprise organisations such as AstraZeneca, BMS, Amgen and more take advantage of DISQOVER to speed up their drug development life cycle. 

DISQOVER is a therefore a true example of an innovative enterprise application within the life sciences industry, as it continues to help organizations accelerate drug development timelines, reduce failure risks, improve business processes, optimize costs, enhance completeness, and facilitate the ability to uncover insights that were previously hidden.   

These nominations by DataNews come after recent recognition by Gartner. In 2023, Gartner featured ONTOFORCE’s DISQOVER in two prestigious reports, underscoring our commitment to innovation and excellence in the life sciences sector. Our technology has been recognized in the: 

  • "Hype Cycle for Life Science Clinical Development, 2023"  
  • "Hype Cycle for Life Science Discovery Research, 2023"  

These acknowledgments by Gartner highlight ONTOFORCE's role in advancing clinical development and drug discovery through our innovative semantic technology. 

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"It’s an absolute honor to be nominated again, for the second year in a row, for DataNews’ "Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year" and "Belgian Tech Scale-up Company of the Year" awards,” says Valerie Morel, CEO of ONTOFORCE. “In our mission to transform complex data into actionable insights, streamline drug development, and accelerate new treatments to patients, we are dedicated to bringing intuitive data and technology solutions to scientists and business users. These two nominations are a testament to the recognition of our efforts." 

You can vote for ONTOFORCE for the "Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year" and "Belgian Tech Scale-up Company of the Year" at  https://datanewsawards.be/  

Voting closes on 21 April 2024.