Our Vision? Links for Lives: Smarter Data can Save Lives.

We always think customer first staying close to the best and latest technologies.
We embrace diversity, integrity and respect for people and data.
We take pride in what we do because it makes a difference in people’s lives.
We believe changing the world for the better is the best way to feel proud of what we do.


About us

ONTOFORCE helps people transform data into knowledge, gather insights across all data sources and make an impact on your business. Our award-winning self-service knowledge discovery platform  DISQOVER builds intelligent links between private, third-party, and public data sources democratizing access to all your data. DISQOVER turns data into smart and actionable data.

Our customers

Our customers are research-intensive organizations, in the fields of life sciences, healthcare, and beyond. We work with both profit and non-profit organizations, from pharmaceutical multinationals, small-to-medium biotech companies, academic institutes, hospitals and patients organizations. Our main focus is life sciences and healthcare, but we have a small innovation team that started to engage in customer driven projects in other industries like clean-tech, finance, telecom and others.

Semantic Search, Self-Service Knowledge Discovery and Knowledge Graphs

With DISQOVER, we create data literacy across your organization and improve search accuracy by delivering actionable insights. Our ultimate goal is to enable everyone to create value out of data in an empowered and flexible manner. Achieving this will result in significantly accelerated time to value, increased productivity and higher probability of success for the organization.


With the help from our partners we are able to create a powerful, user-friendly linked data platform, that makes a real difference to users worldwide.

EIT Health is supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union
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Try the free Community Edition or upgrade to DISQOVER 6.10 Enterprise

Experience the DISQOVER 6.10 Community Edition right now:

  • Create a free account
  • Enjoy unlimited action to public data
  • Access ~150 data sources
  • Create your own dashboards and share them with peers

Contact us to unlock the full DISQOVER experience with the ability to link internal and third-party data sources to create a truly data ecosystem. 

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