The DISQOVER self-service knowledge discovery platform enables smarter data-driven decisions and accelerates time to value by unlocking insights from siloed data.

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A complete and single view of trusted data

Aggregate, transform, and orchestrate data from multiple data silos, to deliver trusted data across organizations enabling accurate and timely decisions.

Self-service knowledge discovery for business users

One consistent and easy-to-use interface democratizes access to data through self-service knowledge discovery which enables business users to blend, wrangle and mash-up datasets.

Securely share with peers, partners and customers

A unified data-layer blends enterprise applications and datasets which allows to securely share insights with peers, partners, and customers, regardless of the data location or format.

Minimize big data platform complexity

Automating and integrating workflows to simplify deployments without the burden of dealing with heterogeneous and stand-alone platforms, dozens of disconnected servers or applications.

Links for Lives

The data tsunami is happening right now as new technologies pour out data at hyper speed. Over the next 5 years, 500 million new apps will be developed. Yet, 73% of all generated data will remain unanalyzed because it is siloed and disconnected. New analytical data tools are needed to find useful data insights buried in data lakes. By democratizing access to all your data securely, ONTOFORCE empowers data-driven decisions and speeds up go-to-market. We connect your siloed data into a linked data ecosystem so everyone can securely integrate, analyze, and extract data faster, bringing simplicity to complexity. In the pharma and biotech industry, we haven proven unimaginable insights can be retrieved to move drugs faster to market and ultimately help patients.


Stories and cases

The new era of Life Sciences Data Research

The term ‘big data’ seems old school now that ‘machine learning’, ‘deep learning’ and emerging concepts such as ‘edge AI’ are the hypes of the day. However, despite our general familiarity with the concept of big data, challenges related to data-driven decision making still remain.  Several key learnings have emerged over the last decade. How do we use our expensive data processing and analytics tools to generate actionable insights


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