Target Identification and Validation
Target Identification and Validation

How to identify and validate potential targets when looking into (new) treatments for a specific disease? When looking into solutions for new diseases, organizations need to know if there are potential targets that have been identified for this disease. In order to have a comprehensive view, it requires them to search and collect lots of information, e.g. mining publications, patents, and grands, the freedom to operate and biological evidence for negative observed effects when using a certain drug, hitting certain genes and much more…

This exercise easily requires at least 1 or 2 dedicated experts for several weeks. With the use of our linked data platform DISQOVER, this can be done in hours by the scientists themselves.

Business Challenges

  •  Comprehensive exercise requiring collecting a lot of evidence.
  • In need of systematic search in a multitude of siloed data, with the probability to miss some knowledge.
  • Time consuming and dedicated experts required to complete the task.
Target Identification and Validation Flow

Target Identification and Validation Flow


  • DISQOVER gathers all data in one platform in hours instead of weeks.
  • Directly accessible by researchers and scientists via an easy-to-use interface.
  • An exhaustive list of evidence made available.

Business benefits

  • Faster time to information for decision making processes.
  • Continuous data updates.
  • Reduce overall research cost and shorter time-to-market.

DISQOVER Enterprise

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ONTOFORCE started its semantic search application DISQOVER to democratize access to public data and help patients and researchers. Now, this award-winning linked data platform can also be installed on-premise or in your private cloud where you can link internal data sources and make it actionable.

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