Identify Clinical Study Sites
Identify Clinical Study Sites

Staggering statistics of clinical trials show that 45% are complete late, 70% experience study start-up delays, and approximately 80% fail to meet their initial target enrollment on time. An essential element in any risk-mitigation strategy to avoid these issues is selecting the right clinical sites that fit the specific study needs.

Business challenges:

  • Collecting operational data about studies participated in, number of enrolled people, nature of protocol deviations.
  • Site selection hinges on clinical operations colleagues’ knowledge, expertise and experience working with experts.
  • Data is often siloed, combined with no awareness of already existing information within or outside the organization.
  • Identifying sites that match the specifications of the protocol and the sponsor’s regulatory goals and strategies.

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  • An enterprise wide solution to integrate and mine up-to-date clinical trial data across all therapeutic areas.
  • Real-time linking to external databases like NPI list,, FDA debarment list, FDA 483 warning letters, EudraCT, etc.
  • A linked data fabric where It Is easy to securely plug in new data or (AI) algorithms.

Business benefits

  • Direct impact on the quality of data collected, study timelines, and overall project finances.
  • More efficient use of very valuable data sources to their full potential for many more users.
  • Shorten time-to-market and provide new treatments faster to patients who desperately need them.

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