Expert Locator & KOL’s
Expert Locator & KOL’s

It is difficult to find appropriate experts, because classifying knowledge and queries are often done manually. We automate classifications and analyze, link, and infer internal and external data to find matching experts in specific domains via study, projects, patents and experience.

Business challenge

  • A lot of information is missing as it spreads in different siloed internal and external applications.
  • Most solutions are HR-driven and not linked with other rich internal and external data sources (projects, publications, patents, etc.).
  • Solutions only search expertise or tags people have put in themselves, without any semantically enriched suggestions.

HR interview - Expert or Expertise Locator - Ontoforce disqover

missing information - Expert or Expertise Locator - Ontoforce disqover


  • Expert profiles from internal systems are extended with information from projects, publications, patents, etc.
  • Linking more data results in a complete view of co-workers, scientific output, expertise, successes, failures, etc.
  • A single, consistent, easy-to-use data interface allows everyone to quickly find and review internal and external experts.

Business benefits

  • No lost time or frustrations by having to search in different applications.
  • Improved finding of internal and external experts based on expertise built-up in study or work.
  • More data to enrich and support an objective expert or expertise selection.

objective expert selection - Expert or Expertise Locator - Ontoforce disqover

DISQOVER Enterprise

Build Linked Data Ecosystems to extract knowledge today and create the unimaginable tomorrow.

ONTOFORCE started its semantic search application DISQOVER to democratize access to public data and help patients and researchers. Now, this award-winning linked data platform can also be installed on-premise or in your private cloud where you can link internal data sources and make it actionable.

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  • Simple access to more than 145 different linked public data sources
  • Create dashboards over a vast amount of linked data and share them with peers

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