Data Catalog: Real-time and Advanced Analytics
Data Catalog: Real-time and Advanced Analytics

Support analytics easily through automation, advanced curation and intelligence.
Life Sciences have a wide variety of available research techniques, especially in discovery, pre-clinical, and clinical research. Keeping all this data findable and actionable, requires managing raw data and metadata with a procedure to add annotations and to link re-analysis results.

Business Challenges

  • A lack of sufficient quality metadata during data generation to annotate data.
  • Missing integration of data generated by different technologies and departments.
  • The actual data tsunami due to new techniques such as genomics, proteomics, etc.



  • An enterprise-wide data catalog where you can create and manage a metadata model.
  • Secure enrichment and mapping of internal and third-party, and up-to-date public data.
  • Easily create, control, and adjust your data integration and annotation pipelines.
  • One consistent and easy-to-use interface enabling search and self-service data discovery.

Business benefits

  • More accurate and comprehensive search of internal, third-party, and public data.
  • Real-time data access and AI-driven support for strategic decision-making.
  • Transparency in (re-)use of resources across different functions and departments.

DISQOVER Enterprise

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ONTOFORCE started its semantic search application DISQOVER to democratize access to public data and help patients and researchers. Now, this award-winning linked data platform can also be installed on-premise or in your private cloud where you can link internal data sources and make it actionable.

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