DISQOVER, our semantic search platform, helps you solve your Big Data challenges. Aggregate data from an unlimited number of public, third party and private data sources.

The technology behind DISQOVER: Pt 1

Semantic search


Understanding intent and context

Semantic search extends the current search possibilities by looking at 1) the intent of the searcher as well as 2) the context of the search. This combination generates more refined and better attuned search results.

Find the unexpected

Semantic search reveals unexpected connections between your search query and different data sources. It retrieves data you didn’t know you were looking for, making you a whole lot smarter.

Enriching data

Semantic search uncovers interconnections and relationships between data. Data is combined, compiled and enriched, making it more valuable.

Ontologies + linked data = semantic search

The semantic search platform DISQOVER uses semantic web technologies including ontologies, URIs, RDFs, and more, to build five-star linked data.

Combining ontologies and linked data

Ontologies to structure data

With ontologies, formal naming conventions and metadata descriptions are used to identify different entities. As such, information is categorized, standardized and organized. The unique identifiers make more data readable and understandable: data becomes structured making it more usable.

Linked data to uncover relationships

While data is structured through ontologies; links between different data points are established through linked data. From these relationships unexpected but logical links are established and data that was hidden before is now brought to the surface.

1 + 1 = 3

The combination of ontologies and linked data generates more diverse search results and more original outcomes. Smarter insights are derived.


With DISQOVER, our semantic search platform, you find smarter data faster.

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The technology behind DISQOVER: Pt 2

Big Data in action


Solving the Big Data challenges

Semantic search solves some of the challenges of Big Data. Ontologies bring logic in the wide variety of structured, semi- and unstructured data; while linked data establishes clear relationships across a wide variety of heterogeneous data.

Unlock infinite data resources

DISQOVER is built to easily integrate private, (open and closed) public and third party data resources. Look at data through a much bigger lens and find knowledge and insights in places where before, you might not have considered looking.

Federated search technology

DISQOVER’s federated search technology enables searching across the widest possible range of disparate databases through a single interface and a single query. With federation, data is kept in its original location, queried locally while results from the various databases are presented in a unified, directly usable manner. No need to create a data warehouse or data lake.

Usage and implementation

Always accessible

DISQOVER is a SaaS platform and always available through a regular internet connection. No software installation is needed. Users can access DISQOVER anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Connecting databases = easy as 1, 2, 3

No long or expensive tracks are needed to connect your data resources. Connecting your first databases to DISQOVER is done in collaboration with us. Every subsequent connection can be established by you, without intervention from us.

New public databases are added weekly

New (open and closed) public databases are added weekly. Making these additional data resources available to your organization can happen automatically or according to your requests. Access to newly added public databases comes without additional cost.


DISQOVER roadmap


Co-created roadmap

DISQOVER is continuously extended with new data and new functionalities. We often organize user group meetings to co-define with our users the priorities and needs.

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